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Academic Events

National theoretical research base of civil affairs was launched in our school.

On the morning of 8th April,the signing and opening ceremony for the national theoretical research base of civil affair and the base construction conversazione was held in Xian Lin campus. Deputy director of the policy research center in ministry of civil affairs, Fu Changliang; chief of research department, Wang Youhua; deputy director of civil affairs Qi Xisheng; principal Hu Minqiang; deputy secretary of party Wang Jian and other functionary from party committee office, principal office, publicity department, discipline division,humanity and sociology department,international office,budget and finance office also attended the ceremony. And some teacher and students from department of public government participated, too.

Hu Minqiang expressed his welcome and appreciation to all the guest here. He introduced the the “indomitable plan” used to plot construction of this platform,and how it serves the decision making of party. He also spoke highly of the achievement on the theoretical and practical research that public government department have reached these years. Principal Hu said, the base will certainly prompt multiple cooperation between the ministry and the university among development and innovation of civil affairs, it will also help the university research team to optimize subject distribution, which is significant for improving the research level and their ability to serve the civil affair reform.

Fu Changliang expressed his celebration to the establishment of the base, his appreciation to these excellent researchers. He said, the preliminary work of the base has fulfilled the confidence of the ministry for their future development. With cross subject priority coherent with the pluralistic feature of the civil works, he hopes both side will enhance their cooperation, make full use of the base`s link function to exchange their resource, make their cooperation more intensive, general, and deep going, to produce high quality results.

After the ceremony is the construction conversazione, hosted by dean Zhao Hui. Leaders and experts from the department of public government, social development, humanity and sociology, discipline division, and province ministry of civil affairs made their presentation around the topics of research area, system establishment, and relationship between the base and civil affairs reform. They got further communications. In the end, Fu made summary about “how to enhance the construction of national civil affair policy research base”. He pointed out the difficulties in this research area, and the direction of the future research develop, he also told out the regulations and requirements with the construction of the base. He hoped the base will get further and systematic research among the hotspots in the process of civil affair reforms in Jiang Su province, and provide intelligence support for the innovation.

It is reported that the “national civil policy theoretical research base” was a platform established by the ministry of civil affairs with its inner and outer resources. Its aim lies in communication, research and cooperation. Its establishment should be applied by the college and have to get through sever sifting. Only 5 university get its research base authorization from the policy research center of civil affairs ministry. This establishment in Nanjing Normal University is an affirmation of their research ability and contributions in social science area, meanwhile, it also showed the confirmation of the civil affair research achievements we have made in these years.