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Academic Events

“On Tao” academic forum’s opening ceremony and the 25th expert forum were held in Public Administration Academy

On December 13th “On Tao” academic forum’s opening ceremony and the 25th expert forum were held in Public Administration Academy. Professor Yang Haijiao, Vice president and secretary general of Chinese Association of Political Science; Dean of Public Administration Academy Zhao Hui; Associate dean Xu Kaiyi; Minister of university party graduate department Luo Yulan; Deputy party secretary Hu Hua attended the forum. And the opening ceremony was hosted by party secretary Zhu Dongmei.

Dean of public administration Zhao Hui introduced “On Tao” academic forum, that is an integrated branding activity of Public Administration Academy and it is made up with five parts, which are expert forum, academic salon, forum of politics and business, teachers’ workshop and initial education. Minister Luo Yulan summarized that “On Tao” means seeking the way to be a real wise, to be a great teacher, to be a qualified learner.

In the end professor Yang Haijiao gave a lecture Interpretation of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China’s report and Discussion of Theoretical Innovation of Political Science. Professor Yang stressed that the researchers of political science should combine indigenous theoretical innovation with western culture, political theory as well as other subjects.