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Academic Events

School of Public Administration’s Activities on International Lady’s Day in 2017

It always gives much free imagination in March. People plan their trip in this each year, so do the faculties of the School of Public Administration. On 8th March 2017, the trade union in Nanjing Normal University organized female faculties to go hiking around Xianlin Yangshan Lake. A week later, another spring outing activity was organized by the School of Public Administration. This time, the faculties went to Shitang in Jiangning District. The rich and colorful activities make this International Lady’s Day unforgettable.

Yangshan Lake has a reputation for its scenic beauty and wideness. The faculties chatted at ease. Bathing in the sunshine, they were wholeheartedly enjoying the sunshine and forgot all worries and pressures during the hike.

If the beauty of Yangshan Lake is grand and gentle, then the beauty of Sea of Bamboo in Shitang is like a piece of jasper lying in the quiet valley. The scenery and the Hui-style architecture along the border between Anhui and Jiangsu radiate each other, revealing the classical beauty of China. On the morning of 15th March, it took an hour’s drive to Shitang. All faculties astonished at this scenery. The leaves are luxury and alluring bringing infinite beautiful reveries to people. They dreamt of slipping on their way up the slope. Near the Sea of Bamboos, they appreciated the beauty of this jasper-like lake, which is known as Small Jiuzhai Valley in Jiangsu province. They chatted and took photos. The highlight of this event is learning flower arrangements. The disorderly blossoming flowers finally became ideal modeling. 

How time flies in this warm March. The friendship among faculties became deepening. The activities are successful and unforgettable. Wish the undertaking of the School of Public Administration flourish and more prosperous!