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Academic Events

The 107th On Tao Forum was Held in the School of Public Administration

On December 14, the 107th On Tao Forum was held in room 634-A, Xingmin building. The theme of this lecture was "QCA Research Method", which was divided into two sessions in the morning and afternoon. Li Yanwei, Ph.D. at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Associate Professor at School of Public Administration, was invited as the keynote speaker. Qin Xiaolei, Professor of School of Public Administration, presided over the lecture. Students were attracted to the lecture and there were no empty seats.

The morning part began at 9:00am. Professor Li Yanwei first introduced the background and definition of QCA research method, and discussed its characteristics of "diversity, contigency of conditions, deterministic logic" in detail. Secondly, He introduced the application scenario of QCA research method, and the theoretical and practical reasons for choosing it. At last, Professor Li elaborated the core concept and application of QCA research method, and focused on the analysis of set relation and calibration. The afternoon part began at 2:00 pm, Professor Li first started from the sufficient and necessary conditions, based on which he gave a brief introduction to the INUS conditions, and explained the characteristics of a series of concepts such as consistency, disconsistency, coverage and visualization of QCAQ analysis results. Secondly, he introduced the characteristics of three main variants of QCA, namely, csQCA, fsQCA, mvQCA. Finally, Professor Li led the students to carry out the practical operation of Tosmana, fsQCA and Rstudio software, and explained the software operation method and data analysis.

Through this lecture, students have a better understanding of QCA research methods, which is helpful for students to expand their academic research vision and improve their professional quality and theoretical level.