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Academic Events

The 108th On Tao Forum was Held in School of Public Administration

At 9 am on December 16th, the 108th On Tao Forum of School of Public Administration was held in the Conference Room 601 of Xingmin Building. The theme of this lecture is "The Philosophical Thinking of Technology and Truth". Zhang Tingguo, professor of School of Philosophy in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a supervisor of doctoral students, a director of the Chinese Association for Modern Foreign Philosophy, and a vice president of the Society of Philosophy of Hubei Province was invited as the keynote speaker. Professor Cao Mengqin, the director of the Department of Philosophy, presided over the lecture, and many students came to attend the event.

Professor Zhang Tingguo first introduced Marx’s predictions to students, and pointed out that science and technology are closely related to human life from the perspective of real life. Secondly, in order to explain the relationship between technology and life, Professor Zhang analyzed the issues of Aristotle's truth and Heidegger's phenomenology with the help of Aristotle's and Heidegger's viewpoints, which brought deeper understanding of technology and the relationship between technology and human life to students. In the end, Professor Zhang inspired students to think about how to solve the problem of domination and alienation of people by science and technology.

At the end of the lecture, students actively asked questions about the content of this lecture, and Professor Zhang Tingguo gave detailed answers. At the same time, Professor Cao Mengqin warned that students should always keep a clear head, maintain a high degree of reflection, and reflect on the real problems of this era. The lecture expanded students’ academic research horizons and improved their professional quality and theoretical level.