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Academic Events

The 112nd On Tao Academic Salon was held in School of Public Administration

On November 30, the 112nd On Tao Academic Salon of School of Public Administration was held in Room 634-A, Xingmin Building. The theme of this salon is "How the Virtue Ethics Explains the Correct Behavior". Wen Xianqing, associate professor of Moral Culture Research Center and Institute of Artificial Intelligence Moral Decision-making of Hunan Normal University, Ph.D. of Tsinghua University, was invited as the keynote speaker. Tao Tao, associate professor of Department of Philosophy of Nanjing Normal University, presided over this lecture. Many students were attracted to the lecture and the atmosphere was warm.

Professor Wen first analyzed the dilemma faced by virtue ethics. Since virtue ethics revived, it has been questioned that it can not provide effective explanation for correct behavior. Secondly, Professor Wen discussed the three popular forms that virtue ethicists actively respond to this challenge-- the theory of qualified actor represented by Hersthaus, the theory of actor based represented by Slote and the theory of objective psychology represented by Swanton. The three forms give the explanation about the right behavior by emphasizing the typical behavior, behavior motivation and the goal of hitting the virtue behavior. Finally, based on this, he pointed out that virtue ethics defends its position as a kind of normative ethics, which is not only reflected in the theoretical explanation of behavior evaluation, but especially in the pluralistic answer to the practice question of behavior guidance.

In the question section, the students actively asked questions about the content of the lecture, and professor Wen Xianqing gave detailed answers one by one. Through this lecture, students have a better understanding of virtue ethics, which is conducive to the improvement of students' professional quality and theoretical level.