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Academic Events

The 136th On Tao Forum was held in School of Public Administration

On December 6, the 136th On Tao Forum was successfully held by School of Public Administration in the West Conference Hall of Jingwen Library. The theme of the forum was ‘Good Life: Virtue, Home-country and the Future’. We invited six guests to the forum in the form of salon. They are Professor Li Yitian from Tsinghua University, Professor Xie Huiyuan from Beihang University, Associate Professor Zhang Xiao from Renmin University of China, Associate Professor Zhu Huiling from Capital Normal University, Associate Professor Tao Tao from Nanjing Normal University and Associate Professor Zhang Yan from Nanjing Normal University. Professor Wang Lulu hosted the lecture and Doctor Zhao Tao, the deputy editor in chief of Jianghai Academic Journal held the post of reviewer.

At the beginning of the lecture, the six guests made a brief statement of their opinions on the theme of this forum. Professor Li pointed out that the good life depends on our virtue——not someone’s virtue, but the virtue of all. Professor Xie believed that Philosophy was a practical subject though it seems abstract. The ethical achievements were based on the reality.

Professor Zhang pointed out that we must take measures from four aspects to integrate the research of ethics into the national construction of modernization of national governance: the organization of ethics committee, the research of policy guidance, the rules of ethics and the cultivation of profession ethics.

Professor Zhu believed that there were many aspects of good life, such as personal virtue and citizen virtue. She emphasized the significance of citizen virtue. She said we should not only be a kind person, but also cultivate citizen virtue, because a good life was depend on both efforts from the individual and the nation.

Professor Tao pointed out that we should rethink our lives to clarify our understanding of ourselves, our society and our nation. The rethinking should be a consequence based on our profound theoretical basis and reviewing of the past. What is more, Professor Tao believed that the boundary between theory and practice should be vague, thus we should care about the individuals, the families, the nation and the future based on a broader vision.

Professor Zhang Yan pointed out that as the medical care, technology and science brought great change into our lives, our understanding of good life is also changing. Though the processes of human nature, human emotion and human morality shall be different in the future, virtue is necessary for human forever.

Then the guests raised questions and debated based on their reports. The students asked the guests about the situation of practical knowledge, the generating mechanism of citizen virtue and the calm period of divorce and so on. The scholars answered their questions in detail. Finally, Doctor Zhao Tao made a remark on the lecture, he said that the lecturers owned solid theory foundations and quick minds. The questions raised by the students were sharp and he expressed his wishes as an editor.

This salon deepened the students’ understanding of ethics, encouraged them to think about virtue, home-country and the future and contributed them to broaden their academic vision and enhance their academic quality.

(Chen Yu, Hu Xinyan)