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Academic Events

The 138th On Tao Forum was Held in School of Public Administration

On December 10, the 138th On Tao Forum was held in School of Public Administration online. The theme of the lecture was ‘Paris Manuscripts as the Reservoir of Marx’s Thoughts’. We were honored to invite Professor Zou Shipeng, the vice director of Center for Contemporary Marxism in Foreign Countries of Fudan University, Chair Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program from School of Philosophy, Fudan University, to be the keynote speaker and Professor Xu Qiang, the discipline leader of Department of Philosophy, School of Public Administration to be the reviewer. Professor Wu Jing, the vice director of Department of Philosophy, School of Public Administration hosted the lecture. Many students were attracted to the lecture by the famous master.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Zou pointed out that Paris Manuscripts was a significant text which reflected the change of young Marx's thought, thus we must pay special attention to its research value and significance. As a transitional text from the German-French Yearbook to Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 included in the Paris Manuscripts, many origins of Marx’s later thoughts can be found in it. Therefore, it’s appropriate for us to call Paris Manuscripts as the reservoir of Marx's thoughts. Then Professor divided Paris Manuscripts into four parts: Philosophical anthropology, critique of political economy, dialectics, historical theory and social theory. Professor Zou introduced the four parts in the order of logical progression. The introduction of Professor Zou was detailed, rich and solid, which showed Professor Zou’s profound professional quality and high-dimensional thinking mode as a famous scholar.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Xu made a remark on the Professor Zou’s report. Professor Xu highly commended Professor Zou’s research of Paris Manuscripts and pointed out that the study of manuscripts is still of great contemporary significance. Finally, Professor Zou answered some questions raised by the students in detail.

Through the report made by the famous scholar, the online lecture contributed to improve the level of textual accumulation and academic literacy of the students.

(Wang Chenchen, Wang Yuanzhao)