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Academic Events

The 143rd On Tao Forum was Held in School of Public Administration

At 4:00 p.m. on March 24, the 143rd On Tao Forum of School of Public Administration was held at Room 542, Xingmin building. The theme of this lecture is “the perception of entrepreneurship and incubation of small enterprises”. It’s honored to invite Mr. Luo Xianxu, chairman of Qiyun Network in Jiangsu, to share experiences in innovation and entrepreneurship. Professor Xu Kaiyi, dean of School of Public Administration, was the host of the lecture. More than 150 undergraduates and postgraduates of the school attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Luo made it clear to the students that “entrepreneurship needs rationality, and do not start a business blindly”. Besides, he told the students that even though birth and death cannot be decided by themselves, the direction of life can be controlled by themselves. Therefore, students should be cautious about the choices of crossroads in life.

Then, Mr. Luo described his own experiences and put forward another point of view: “One should keep the original intention of entrepreneurship and adhere to the purpose of entrepreneurship”. Furthermore, he pointed out that only by always adhering to the original intention of starting a business and not being a slave of money can we obtain real freedom of wealth. In addition, up to the national level, only by adhering to the original intention of entrepreneurship, can China's social entrepreneurship environment and the slightly backward situation be improved.

From a philosophical point of view, Mr. Luo pointed out that innovation and entrepreneurship need not only individual efforts, but also social tolerance, government encouragement and equal development opportunities. He believes that the development of innovation and entrepreneurship helps to solve the current employment problem of college students in China, so as to reduce the pressure of the government. Therefore, the state and the government should give more support and development space to innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to stimulate the people’s enthusiasm and make the economy develop better and faster.

Because the laws and regulations of entrepreneurship in China are still not perfect, the entrepreneurs are also facing many difficulties. Mr. Luo has experienced these difficulties personally and has a deep understanding of them. He believes that it is very important for individual entrepreneurs to have a good attitude. When making a decision on whether to start a business, we should consider it comprehensively and make a prudent decision. If we think that we don't have the experience and ability to start a business independently, we should get employed first and accumulate experience and energy for future business.

At the same time, Mr. Luo also described the correct path of entrepreneurship to the students. He cited many examples of well-known domestic entrepreneurs who used their business brains to earn the first bucket in their lives when they were in school, and expounded the view that “entrepreneurship should be from small to large, from easy to difficult, from simple to complex”. Mr. Luo also pointed out that entrepreneurs should have the internet parallel thinking and enterprise management knowledge. When they encounter difficulties, they should start the second thinking in time. What’s more, they should know the labor law, contract law and other legal knowledge to protect their own rights and interests.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Xu made a concluding speech. He expressed his welcome and thanks to Mr. Luo for his coming once again, and hoped that the students could gain more knowledge about entrepreneurship and help their future life through this lecture.

The lecture on innovation and entrepreneurship education has effectively trained students' innovative thinking and improved their entrepreneurial ability, which made students plan their future more clearly and establish a life goal more firmly.