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Academic Events

The 155th On Tao Forum was Held in School of Public Administration

At 9:30 a.m. on June 6, the 155th lecture forum of the school of public administration was held at 634-a, Xingmin building. The theme of this lecture is "Park City: a new urban form to realize people's better life". Professor Shi Yungui, Dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of public administration of Sichuan University, was invited as the keynote speaker, and Professor Xu Kaiyi, Dean of School of public administration, was invited as the host. Some teachers and students of the school of public administration attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Shi led to the proposition of this lecture through the interpretation of what is a good life, and pointed out that the park city is the form of realizing a good life. Then, from the concept of "Sun City", "garden city", "forest city", "garden city", and from the perspective of green development and green governance, the concept of Park City is defined.

Then, it is the interpretation of the connotation and characteristics of the park city, pointing out that there are various problems in the past urban form, separating the harmonious unity of "people, city, environment and industry". Park City is the advanced form of urban development in the new era, the expression of new development concept, the inheritance and innovation of urban civilization, and the value of people's better life. Park City fundamentally solves the problem of urban disease and realizes the creation of material wealth and the inheritance of spiritual civilization.

Then, Professor Shi introduces the path of realizing a good life with the carrier of Park City from the aspects of governance drive, governance path, governance logic, governance culture, urban green "micro governance" and governance quality evaluation. In this process, Professor Shi also focuses on sharing his latest research results. Starting from the logic of governance in different periods, Professor Shi summarizes a "color" track of generalized governance with black, red, gray and green, and can clearly see the transformation of governance mode from this track. Professor Shi finally stressed that a good life still needs a positive attitude. When we are born in a great era, we should have a mission to bear, not pursue the life of extravagance and desire, develop green habits and keep the ordinary heart, "life is not going forward and backward, gain and loss of grace" so that we can live a good green life. Finally, president Xu Kaiyi made wonderful comments on the content of the lecture. During the question and answer session, the students on the scene asked questions enthusiastically and the scene was very active.

In this lecture, Professor Shi Yungui focused on the realization of people's better life, provided a good academic exchange and discussion platform for the study of new urban governance, expanded the students' academic vision, and showed the style of academic celebrities. Teachers and students expressed that they had benefited a lot and gained a lot.