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Academic Events

The 2nd Workshop on Development and Governance was Held in Our University

On April 22, The 2nd Workshop on Development and Governance undertaken by the Public Administration Academy of our university and the University of Chicago, Center in Beijing was held in Xianlin Campus. Deputy party secretary of the university committee, Professor Wang Jian, chair professor of the University of Chicago, Yang Dali, Dean of the Department of Public Administration of Fudan University, Professor Zhu Qianwei, Professor Gaye Christoffersen from The Johns Hopkins University- Nanjing University Center of Chinese and American Studies and the dean of Public Administration Academy, Professor Zhao Hui attended the workshop. There were also more than 20 experts and scholars from all over the country here participated the activity.

The keynote speech was the first link. Professor Yang Dali made a speech entitled “Chinese Regulatory State-building In Comparative Perspective”. He started with the definition of regulation, made a comparative analysis of regulation and governance processes, putting forward the combination of existing political and legal resources with modern regulation to establish a system of supervision and line management in the process of governance, he also emphasized the importance of rule-making. Professor Zhu Qianwei analyzed the main contents and achievements of the reform in China since the Reform and Opening Policy with the title of “Institutional Reform: From Process Reform To Structural Reform”. He explained that there are three important turning points in our institutional reform: from the reform of the party and government to the reform of the government, from streamlining the organization and people to transformation of the functions of the government, from adapting to the requirements of market economy system to social management and public service. He also pointed out that China's institutional reform should change from the process reform centered on efficiency to the structural reform centered on the disposition of power. The theme of Professor Gaye Christoffersen's speech is “China’s Global Energy Policy”. She did a thorough study on how does China play a role in the global governance system and how can China make its voice and set the rules to meet the demand of national energy in the BRIC countries and the implementation process of the Belt and Road Initiatives. Professor Qian Zaijian, dean of the Honors College of NNU, commented on the statements above.

In the link of special report, experts and scholars from ZJU, SDU, MUC, CCNU, SCNU, HBNU, FZU, NJUST and our NNU made reports on the series of problems of social governance and national governance capacity modernization, and did deep discussion and communication. Associate dean of Public Administration Academy, Professor Xu Kaiyi and dean of the department of The Administrative Management, Professor Chen Hui commented on the reports. The success of this workshop is conducive to forming a strong academic research atmosphere in our school, and a good environment for building a high level university with international influence.