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Academic Events

The 36th On Tao Forum was Held at the Public Administration Academy

On May 3rd Public Administration Academy held the 36th session of On Tao forum in Room 536, Xingmin Building. The theme of the lecture is "Characteristics and Value of Big Data and Personalized Knowledge ". The speaker is Dong Chunyu, professor of philosophy in Beijing Normal University. The lecture was held by Cao Mengqin the professor of philosophy in Public Administration Academy of NNU.



Professor Dong focused this lecture on personalized knowledge, putting forward the problem of epistemological turning under the background of big data era based on historical change and development of human knowledge. At first, he discussed the traditional view of epistemology, pointing out that the universal knowledge does not have the strong validity to the concrete and individualized problems.Then he put forward the individualized knowledge taking the big data as the research subject, which based on the rapid development of individualization in the era of big data. He pointed out personalized knowledge featured by concreteness, individuality, strong effectiveness, practicability and uncertainty, and individualized knowledge has a unique research value for the epistemology development, not only can it interdepend and mutual develop with universal knowledge, but also contribute to the exploration of the "dark area of knowledge".


During the lecture, professor Dong stressed the importance of problem consciousness and said that the topic of postgraduate thesis should be “narrow and deep”. At last, he discussed and answered their questions in time.