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Academic Events

The 75th On Tao Forum Was Held In The School of Public Administration

May 6, 3:00 PM, the 75th session of the school of public administration "the discourse" forum was held in room 634-A, xingmin building. The theme of this lecture is "the significance of Euclidean geometric system and its contemporary value", especially inviting dong chunyu, professor of philosophy school of Beijing normal university, doctoral supervisor, the eighth executive director of China natural dialectics research association and deputy editor of natural dialectics research as the keynote speaker. Yao Guohong, vice-president of the school of public administration, presided over the lecture. First of all, professor dong chunyu started from the origin of geometry and elaborated the outstanding characteristics of ancient Greek geometry, namely abstraction, generality, proof, systematization and completeness.

Then, professor dong chunyu introduced the system of Euclidean geometry and affirmed its value and significance. Among them, he mainly introduced Euclid's book "the origin of geometry", which collected the research results of ancient Greek geometry, including the definition of 23 concepts, five axioms and five postulates. In his opinion, although the presentation of individual propositions in this book is not unique to Euclid, the presentation of the whole book is unique to him.

Finally, professor dong chunyu pointed out that axioms should be less, completeness, logic and experience. The lecture ended in warm applause. This talk lecture, professor Song Chunyu for example, by both ways, construct has carried on the explanation of the Euclidean geometry system, in-depth analysis of the connotation of its philosophy, not only broaden the students knowledge, also provides students with a kind of study, research method, help to stimulate students' academic interest, improve the academic accomplishment.

(seminar promotion:Liu Xiaoqian)