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Academic Events

The 81st On Tao Forum was Held in the School of Public Administration

At 6:30 PM on May 16th, the 81st session of On Tao Forum was successfully held at Room 634-A, School of Public Administration. Fu Changzhen, professor of philosophy department, doctoral supervisor and executive deputy editor of journal of East China Normal University (philosophy and social science edition) as the keynote speaker, with the theme of this lecture is “To Find the ‘Hometown’ of Chinese Ethical Spirit——Revisit the History of the Concept of ‘Love’”. Professor Wu Xianwu, deputy director of philosophy department of the school of public administration, presided over the lecture. Associate professor Cao Xiaohu and associate professor Tao Tao from the department of philosophy of school of public administration attended this lecture.

Professor Fu Changzhen focused on three aspects: "doing Chinese ethics: a new possibility", "why the post-concept is important" and "reinterpretation of the concept history of 'love'". First, professor Fu put forward his own views on "how to do Chinese ethics". She believed that Chinese ethics can only create new possibilities by taking root in China's time-honored ideological tradition and contemporary social life and opening up the world of ideas and life. Later, professor Fu took "emotion: a thick ethical concept" as an example to explain the generation and creation of "thick concept" in Chinese ethics and its significance to the innovation of ethical paradigm. Among them, by reflecting on the limits of theories and methods, professor Fu focused on an important feature of Chinese ethics -- the emphasis on emotion, and made a semantic investigation of the concept of "emotion". Finally, professor Wu Xianwu summarized this lecture from the perspectives of reality, world, reflection and innovation, and expressed his gratitude for the wonderful report of professor Fu.

In the Q&A session, students raised questions about the content of lectures such as "thick concept", "tolerance" and "intolerance", and professor Fu gave detailed answers patiently. This lecture not only expanded students’ knowledge, but also provided a methodological guidance for students to conduct relevant academic research. The lecture ended in warm applause.

(seminar promotion: Liu Xiaoqian)