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Academic Events

The 83th On Tao Forum was Held in the School of Public Administration

On May 27, the 83th session of On Tao Forum was held in Room 601, School of Public Administration. In this lecture, Professor Lu Feng, professor of Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University, philosophy doctor supervisor and Chairman of Environmental Philosophy Committee of Chinese Society of Dialectics of Nature, was invited as the keynote speaker. He narrated the relevant philosophical concepts with the theme of "On Speculative Realism". Professor Cao Mengqin, dean of Philosophy Department presided over the lecture. Professor Wu Xianwu and Professor Han Xiujing attended the lecture .

Firstly, Professor Lu introduced Meillassoux's critical relativism from the concept of "speculative realism". He focused on four aspects: the Copernican Revolution of Western Science and Philosophy, Correlationism, the Problems of Ancestrality and Meillassoux's Speculative Realism. Subsequently, Professor Lu focused on the support of speculative realism for ecological philosophy. On this basis, he expounded his own views. He believed that ecological philosophy is the philosophy of the new era of ecological civilization, and speculative realism tries to restore the speculative nature of philosophy, which supports a new view of nature. Then Professor Lu put forward the viewpoint that "we should revere nature". He interpreted the "nature" here as "the source of all things" and "the root of all things", which includes all the universe. He emphasized that the popular philosophy should break through the barriers of correlationism, reach the "great exterior" and abandon the physicalist view of nature and complete agnosticism. Only in this way can we respect and obey nature.

During the Q&A session, Professor Lu patiently answered the questions of students. Professor Lu Feng's brilliant report enables students to have a deeper understanding of the frontier issues of philosophy, broadens their horizons of knowledge and helps improve their academic literacy. The lecture ended with warm applause.