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Academic Events

The 87th On Tao Forum was Held in School of Public Administration

On June 22, the 87th On Tao Forum was held in room 601 of Xinmin Building at 2:00p.m. Professor Colin Allen, an outstanding professor whose research focuses on philosophy of science and history of science from the University of Pittsburgh, and professor of Yangtze River lecture from Xi'an Jiaotong University, was invited to give the lecture on the theme of "Practical Wisdom and Trust in Machines".

Professor Colin Allen launched this lecture through the machine and its practical wisdom. Firstly, the professor introduced his book Moral Machine. He pointed out that we need to pay attention not only to machines, but also to the people who design, use and manage them. In addition, we should make good use of machines carefully so as to achieve the goal of benefiting mankind. Secondly, he proposed that human beings and machines should form an interactive relationship, which needs the support of details and the cooperation of social patterns. However, due to the lack of good models and sufficient experience, human beings are limited in dealing with this relationship. Finally, Professor Colin Allen agreed that because the Social-Technological system formed by the feedback loop between human beings and intelligent machines may change the individual's moral and behavioral abilities positively or negatively, we need some practical wisdom. Practical wisdom comes from experience. Lack of practice and overconfidence in technology lead to the lack of practical wisdom. Besides, practical wisdom should be improved from many aspects: developers should help users understand the limitations of AI, developers and users should pay attention to details, and managers should not only focus on major injuries, but also on minor interactions.

Professor Colin Allen's discussion of the limitations of machines and his explanation of practical wisdom provide an important perspective for rational understanding of AI and are of great significance for rational application of AI. This lecture is helpful for students to form a rational view of the relationship between human and machine, and has a positive role in promoting students' thinking and cognition.