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Academic Events

The 8th and 165th masters Forum of the 20th Anniversary of the Institute

On November 24, 2021, at 3:30 PM, the 8th and 165th masters Forum of the 20th anniversary series activities of the School of Public Administration was held in the Meeting Room 634-A of Xingmin Building. " The Topic of the Lecture of Masters Thesis Writing Norms and Methods", have the honor to invite to the institute of southeast university philosophy and science ethics, journal of southeast university (philosophy and social science edition) "editor and professor Xu Jia, institute of public administration philosophy professorWu Xianwu as a moderator, many students, who were to attend the lecture.

Professor Xu Jia's lecture mainly emphasized seven questions in the order of the specific composition of the paper. The first is the title of the dissertation. The title of the dissertation must be academic and problem conscious. It should start from the topic that one is interested in, constantly focus on, narrow the scope, make more precise and accurate expression, and reflect one's academic background. Because the title of dissertation is often faced with the problem of too small pattern or complex content, we should find out the center from the perspective of philosophy history when choosing the title of dissertation. The second is abstract and key words. Abstract is the most objective and concise presentation of the thesis theme, research method, logical structure and conclusion after the author carefully conceived and refined the thesis. The selection of keywords can follow two principles: reflect the core concept of the paper and assist others to retrieve the paper. Then there's the introduction. The introduction mainly consists of four parts: the preliminary explanation of the topic, literature review and comment, the value and significance of the topic, and the thinking and logical framework of the writing. Students should pay more attention to the two parts of literature review and comment and the value and significance of the topic. Literature review is not a simple list of literature, but the literature review, based on the existing literature research method, literature, research perspectives and summarizes conclusions, so in the process of writing, must pay attention to the description and evaluation, and the principle of unifying the criticism, so that standing on the height of predecessors' academic start their research, in the end is the starting point of research, so to speak. In addition, Professor Xu also summarized five innovative ways, from difficult to easy, namely, paradigm innovation, new problems, new materials, new methods and new perspectives. In the end, Professor Xu jia briefly described the academic content of the main structure, the complexity of the references, and the writing of the conclusion. Professor Xu believed that the paper could be summarized from three aspects, which were to enhance the general significance of the conclusion. Put forward research findings and contributions and new theories; Future research and future research ideas.

After listening to the lecture, the students actively asked questions, professor Xu jia answered the students' questions, and reminded the students to go to the library to read publications, establish the awareness of target publications. The lecture is clear, vivid and practical, and students have benefited a lot from it.