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Academic Events

"The Centennial Course of the Communist Party of China and Marxist Innovation" seminar was held in our school

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and summarize the historical experience and laws of promoting Marxist theoretical innovation in the past 100 years, on June 19, the symposium entitled "The Centennial Course of the Communist Party of China and Marxist Innovation" was held at Nanjing Normal University. This academic conference was host by Jiangsu Federation of philosophy and social sciences and NNU, and undertaken by the School of Public Administration of the NNU. Xu Zhishun, vice chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Hu Minqiang, secretary of the NNU Committee of the CPC, Cui Xinwei, a member of the Standing Committee of the NNU of the CPC and the Minister of the Publicity Department attended the meeting. There are other experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University, Jilin University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, East China Normal University, South China Normal University and other universities and scientific research institutions, as well as representatives of journals and newspapers of ‘Socialism Studies’, ‘Academics’, ‘Xinhua Daily’ , as well as relevant members of the School of Public Administration and some representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting. The seminar is divided into four stages: opening ceremony, theme report, academic seminar and conference summary. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Xu Kaiyi, Dean of the School of Public Administration.

In the speech part, Qi Weiping of East China Normal University; Ding Junping of School of Marxism of Wuhan University; Chen Jinlong, Dean of School of Marxism of South China Normal University; Liu Honglin, professor of School of Marxism of Fudan University; Liu Tongfang,

Dean of the School of Marxism, Zhejiang University; Xu Baoyou, researcher at the Central Party History and Documentation Research Institute; Wang Yue, professor of School of Marxism of Nanjing Normal University; Han Xiping, Director of the Research Center for the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of Jilin University; Tang Ming, Professor of the School of Politics and International Relations of Central China Normal University; Liu Wei, Director of the Scientific Research Department of Jiangsu Provincial of CPC; Wang Zhi, Dean of School of Marxism of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Li Yan, researcher at the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and many well-known experts and scholars. Their speeches ,with the theme of "The Centennial Course of the Communist Party of China and Marxist Innovation", inherited history, focused on the successful practice and basic experience of the century-old theoretical creation of the CPC and the century-old innovation and development of Marxism in China, jointly discussed the theme and main line of the party’s construction, and  showed the success code of the CPC. And then based on reality, the scholars revealed the century-old exploration of common prosperity and modernization, fully explored the time value of the CPC’s fine traditions, systematically combed the construction and generation of Marxism in the 21st century, and presented the practical course and theoretical innovation of our Party's foreign aid. Finally they systematically looked forward to the future prospects of the people's livelihood construction and the development of Marxist ideology in the past century, and interpreted our party's brilliant achievements and contemporary enlightenment from the perspective of the development of the international communist movement with the grand historical view.

In addition, there are Zhu Xiaoling, professor of School of Marxism, Nanjing Normal University, Tao Lin, professor of School of Public Administration, Hohai University, Shi Xianzhi, associate professor of School of Marxism, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Wang Tongchang, associate professor of School of Marxism, Hohai University, and Yu, professor of School of Public Administration, Nanjing Normal University making wonderful speeches respectively.

Finally, the conference was summarized by Professor Zhang Zhen, vice chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences and dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Nanjing Normal University. Professor Zhang Zhen believed that this conference was held at the right time when the party’s centennial birthday is approaching. It’s not only the meeting that celebrated the centennial glory and great achievements of the Communist Party of China, but also the academic forum communicating with each other.The seminar has injected ideological strength and theoretical vitality into the new era to continue to promote the development of party’s construction and the theoretical innovation of Marxism.