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Academic Events

The Department of Philosophy Successfully Held the 2020 Summer Camp for Outstanding Students in Philosophy across the country

In order to promote the mutual exchanges of outstanding students across the country and enhance their understanding of the philosophy department of Nanjing Normal University, our department held a philosophy summer camp for outstanding students on August 15-17, 2020, and gathered a group of students exploring philosophical wisdom. These students who are pursuing profound humanistic accomplishments and advocating logical speculation and truth-seeking spirit entered the Philosophy Department of Nanjing Normal University.

The philosophy summer camp is rich in content, diverse in form. First, we held a series of online forums through the Internet platform. The topics of the online forum are not only close to the forefront of philosophy, but also close to real life: “The Philosophical Examination of Health Code”, “Split Economy, Urban Space and Social Governance” and “Artificial Intelligence and Data Privacy”. This forum invited twelve keynote speakers, including experts in the field of philosophy, as well as authoritative scholars in the field of interdisciplinary research in literature, sociology, and humanities. They cited philosophical classics and cutting-edge theories, combined with real life examples, and carried out a full exchange of ideas around the theme of the forum and related issues. They used profound theoretical knowledge, rigorous and rigorous arguments, and humorous language to turn every forum into a rich thought feast, benefiting campers and audiences from all over the country.

August 15, Online Forum: “The Philosophical Examination of Health Code”

Keynote Speakers: Associate Professor Chen Peiyong, School of Marxism, Peking University; Professor Lan Jiang, Department of Philosophy, Nanjing University, Associate Professor Yao Yunfan, School of Humanities, Shanghai Normal University, Professor Wu Jing, Department of Philosophy, Nanjing Normal University

August 16, Online Forum: “Split Economy, Urban Space and Social Governance”

 Keynote Speakers: Associate Professor Tang Yuan, Department of Philosophy, Xiamen University, Associate Professor Lu Qiang, Institute of Ethics, Sichuan Normal University, Associate Professor Tian Rong, School of Sociology, Nanjing University, Professor Wu Xianwu, Department of Philosophy, Nanjing Normal University

August 17, Online Forum: Artificial Intelligence and Data Privacy

Keynote Speakers: Professor Sun Chunchen, Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Associate Professor Weng Hanbing, School of Marxism, Southeast University, Associate Professor Cheng Lin, Department of German, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Professor Li Zhixiang, Department of Philosophy, Nanjing Normal University


Secondly, the discussion are also a highlight. Hosted by a famous teacher of our Department, the campers expressed their opinions and talked freely on the content of the forum that day. There were collisions of views and exchanges of experience. The atmosphere was very warm. This is a platform to show personality and style. It activates students thoughts and inspirations, stimulates their exploration spirit, allows them to learn to look at problems from multiple perspectives, and enables them to discover the unique charm of philosophy.

The Summer Camp for Outstanding Students organized by our Department provides a platform for outstanding students from various universities across the country to communicate with each other, and provides outstanding undergraduates with an in-depth understanding of the characteristics, academic characteristics, learning atmosphere, and academic research of the philosophy department of Nanjing Normal University The environment and opportunities for direct exchanges with relevant experts and scholars also helped campers to increase their understanding and interest in philosophy, and to learn about philosophy majors and the Department of Philosophy of Nanjing Normal University in the process of personally experiencing philosophical thinking.

Ma Nannan