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Academic Events

The Final of the First Postgraduate Public Management Case Analysis Competition in Jiangsu Province was Held in NNU

On the morning of December 5, the final of Jiangsu Province's first postgraduate public management case analysis competition was held in Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University (NNU). The competition was sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Management Postgraduate Education Steering Committee, undertaken by NNU, and co-sponsored by Graduate School and School of Public Administration of NNU. Since its launch in mid-July, 2020, this competition has attracted 109 teams from 18 universities including Nanjing University, Southeast University, Hohai University, Suzhou University, Nanjing University of Technology, China University of Mining and Technology, and NNU. After two rounds of fierce competition, a total of 44 teams entered the final.

The opening ceremony of the competition was presided over by Professor Zhao Hui, the Dean of School of Public Administration at NNU. Guests attending the opening ceremony of the competition include: Ben Guodong (member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, head of the Organization Department and head of the United Front Work Department of NNU), Ou Minghao (member of the Public Management Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degree in Committee of the State Council, vice chairman of the Public Management Discipline Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education and Professor of the School of Public Administration of Nanjing Agricultural University), Wu Jianhua (vice chairman of the Teaching Steering Committee of Archival Science of the Ministry of Education, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Management Postgraduate Education Steering Committee and Professor of Nanjing University's School of Information Management), Zhou Lvlin (member of Jiangsu Provincial Management Postgraduate Education Steering Committee and Professor of Jiangsu University's School of Management), Mo Shaoqun (President of graduate school of NNU), and Luo Yulan (director of graduate work department), Zhu Dongmei (Secretary of Party Committee of School of Public Administration). Professor Yang Hongshan (Deputy Secretary General of the National Steering Committee for Graduate Education in Public Administration and vice president of School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China), attended the opening ceremony with a video speech. In addition, more than 160 experts, contestants and instructors attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Ben Guodong delivered a speech on behalf of NNU, introduced the relevant situation of NNU and postgraduate training, expressed his gratitude to Jiangsu Provincial Management Postgraduate Education Guidance Committee for giving NNU the opportunity to hold the first Jiangsu provincial public management case analysis competition, expressed his gratitude for the arrival of review experts and the participation of various university teams, and wished the competition a complete success. Professor Yang Hongshan congratulated the opening of the competition in the form of a video speech. He affirmed the quality and achievements of Jiangsu Province's public management degree postgraduate training, and encouraged the holding of provincial or regional management case analysis competitions. Professor Wu Jianhua highly affirmed the continuous efforts made by NNU to organize the competition. He expressed his gratitude to the organizers and the experts for their hard work. He hoped that through this competition, on the one hand, students could improve their level of theory and practice in the professional field, and learn to combine theory with practical problems, so as to integrate knowledge with practice. On the other hand, this competition would guide graduate students to pay full attention to practical problems and hot issues in economic and social development in the new era, reflecting the style and features of graduate students in the new era. This competition further expands the influence of public management disciplines, and shows the characteristics and advantages of the management disciplines of Jiangsu province. Subsequently, the participants participated in the launching ceremony of the competition.

After the opening ceremony, the final was divided into two groups at the same time. The selected topics of each team focused on the current social hot issues, including: administrative system reform, medical reform, land management law enforcement, tourism development, grassroots governance, epidemic prevention and control, rural revitalization and others. Each team gave a full play to its professional advantages and analyzes and displays characteristic cases in combination with professional characteristics. The team from the School of Medical and Political Science of Nanjing Medical University explored how to construct the operation mechanism of Counterpart Assistance for primary health services and public health emergencies. The team from the School of Public Administration of NNU pondered over the difficulty of implementing the policy of "reducing the burden" of education in Nanjing, and put forward a series of solutions, which aroused the response and resonance of teachers and students.

After a whole day of competition, the competition closed in the afternoon of the same day. The closing ceremony was presided over by Li Jun, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the School of Public Administration, NNU. Professor Zhou Lvlin from the school of management of Jiangsu University summarized the competition. He first expressed his thanks to all the contestants, instructors, experts and staff of the competition, and fully affirmed the fruitful results of the competition. Secondly, he praised the players' professional quality and performance with the words of "real", "accurate" and "beautiful", and hoped that the students would make accurate analysis by using scientific theory and methods with solid knowledge and practical research, so as to present more wonderful competitions in the future.

The competition produced 2 special prizes, 8 first prizes, 12 second prizes and 22 third prizes; 10 teachers were awarded excellent instructors; and three universities including Hohai University, Nanjing University of Technology and NNU won the "excellent organization award". The representatives of each award-winning team went to the stage to receive the award and took a group photo.

Focusing on the theme of "taking root in Chinese practice and helping to strengthen, enrich, beautify and highlight", the competition promoted the development of public management discipline and academic exchanges among students in Jiangsu universities, encouraged students to actively pay attention to social problems, carried out in-depth research, and formed research results with dual value of theory and practice, and played a positive role in improving the practical research and team cooperation ability of graduate students. Under the guidance of relevant functional departments, the School of Public Administration attached great importance to the event, seriously organized the team to participate in the competition, and timely follow-up guidance. Finally, it won 1 special award, 2 first prize and 3 second prize. Qin Xiaolei, Ni Xianlin and Zhao Hui won excellent instructor and excellent organization award.