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Academic Events

The MPA graduation ceremony of the School of Public Administration and the homecoming of alumni are held ceremoniously

On the morning of June 24, 2017, the MPA graduation ceremony and the alumni homecoming was held in 538 Meeting Room of the Nanjing Normal University, Xianlin campus. The teachers attended this activity includes: president of Public Administration Academy, Professor Zhao Hui; party secretary Ms.Zhu Dongmei; associate party secretary Mr. Hu Hua; Professor Han Xiujing; Professor Chen Hui; Associate Professor Cui Kaiyun; Mr. Zhang Liang, Ms. Sun Wei and Ms. Liu Zhihong. The whole graduates of 2017 MPA and the alumni also attended this ceremony. This activity is chaired by Zhang Yexing and Wei Wei, presidents of 2016 MPA Class. The teachers, graduates and families members have been brought together to share the joy of growth, graduation and homecoming.

At the beginning Professor Zhao Hui, dean of Public Administration Academy, expressed his warmest congratulations on behalf of the college to the MPA graduates who successfully finished their study. Later, Professor Zhao did a brief review of the development of MPA enrollments, saying the aim of organizing homecoming activities is to enhance the connection and communication between the graduates, for the purpose of increased cohesion of MPA through this activity.

Professor Chen Hui, director of the department of Administrative management and director of MPA, spoke as a teacher representative. Professor Chen delivered a sincere message to the graduates: Firstly, he said, we should uphold the public feelings, learn tolerating, cooperating and transpositional consideration, moving towards the maturity of the mind. Secondly, we should have an optimistic attitudes. Joyful mind is the best medicine, and happiness often multiplies our strength. He hopes that the graduates will face the pressure and the challenges in a positive way. Thirdly, we should have the spirit of practice. Success always comes from trying. It is necessary to carry forward our spirit of being realistic and pragmatic, and to be brave in practice and innovation. Finally, Professor Chen hopes the graduates will get in touch with each other and come back to the college much more.

Wang Yang, a class of 2011, spoke as an alumni representative. Looking back to the past three years, he shared his sentiment of learning,not only mastered the effective learning method, but also deeply understand the principle of public administration, which appeared in how to fulfill the principle of ‘Promoting the public spirit to the whole world’. Although MPA students comes from all walks of life, the service objects they face are all ordinary people, which makes it much more necessary for managers or servicersto have this emotion.

Then, the graduate representative Jiang Teng and Yin Xiaojia expressed their deep appreciation to their Alma mater on behalf of the graduates.They looked back at the hard and wonderful learning of NNU, and thanked to the knowledgeable teachers offered careful guidance, to the hard work of the management team of education center, and to their fellow classmates with the same interests. The dribs and drabs in NNU will be kept in their minds forever. Today, they bade farewell to their Alma mater, to teachers, to the youth, as well. They will remember the university motto, ‘Care for lives’ of NNU in their future work time.

At the master's degree awarding ceremony, the college leaders and teachers have personally awarded each MPA graduate a degree diploma, turned the tassel and took a group photo. The ceremony was held in the grand and warm atmosphere. Professor Zhao and Chen awarded certificates of excellent to the winners of the first China Public Management Case Competition, and Ms. Zhu Dongmei awarded certificates of honor for outstanding graduates.

In the link of suggestion and discussion, they spoke freely and put forward their suggestions on the teaching, management and other aspects of MPA education according to their own experience.

In the end, the secretary of party committee, Ms. Zhu Dongmei, made a summary and expressed her wishes and instructions to the graduates. She hoped that graduates will be able to do the following four things in their future work and life: First, be confident but not arrogant, and do more real things at work; Second, pragmatic but not realistic, and work honestly; Third, be easy-going but not casual, to be friendly, but also to have principles and the bottom line; Forth, ordinary but not banal, work diligently in the ordinary post rather than mediocrity.

The 2017 MPA graduates are leaving from their Alma mater to their respective jobs. The graduation ceremony is both a summary of the three years of study and a longing for the future. We believe the memory of three years of postgraduate life will be imprinted on the minds of every student, and the principle of ‘Promoting the public spirit to the whole world’ will always be remembered by all of the students from the school, and be fulfilled during their whole lifetime.