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Academic Events

The school of public administration held the 82nd session of the forum

May 17, 3:00 PM, the 82th session of the forum of the school of public administration was held at 601 xingmin building, the theme of this lecture is "70 years of new China marxist ethical thought research".We have invited Professor Sun chunchen, a researcher at the institute of philosophy of the Chinese academy of social sciences, a professor at the university of Chinese academy of social sciences and doctoral supervisor, as the keynote speaker. Professor Cao mengqin,a director of philosophy department and doctoral supervisor of the school of public administration in Nanjing Normal University, presided over this lecture.

Professor Sun made it clear to the students that neither Marx nor Engels had formed a complete ethics, but their speculative and critical academic theories contained rich ethical thoughts. Therefore, marxist ethical thought is the result of the development of western ethical thought and an important content of ethical research. The 70 years of development of the discipline of ethics in new China shows that only by adhering to the research position and method of marxism and taking the ethical thought of marxism as the guide can Chinese ethics move forward on the correct and scientific track. Later, professor Sun elaborated on the books about "ethics" written by domestic scholars, with different research focuses. Some scholars continued the framework of western ethics, while others wrote ethics roughly equivalent to marxist ethics.

At the end of the lecture, students asked professor Sun some questions about marxist ethics, and professor Sun answered them patiently and carefully. Through this lecture, students got to know the current situation and trend of the development and research of ethics in China. This lecture is helpful to expand students' professional knowledge and research methods in ethics. The lecture ended with warm applause.

(Graduate Student Union: Ding yanjie)