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Fugong Zhang Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • The History of Marxist Philosophy
  • Western Marxism
  • The Study and Translation of Marx’s Notebooks of Technology

Education Background

2008-2012, B.A. in Philosophy, Hunan Normal University

2012-2015, M.A. in Philosophy, Nanjing University

2015-2018, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Nanjing University

2016.10-2017.10, Joint Training Doctoral Student at York University


Academic Honors

Excellent Master Thesis of Jiangsu Province in 2016


Research Projects

The Social Science Fund Project of Jiangsu Province: The Study and Translation of Marxs Notebooks of Technology Based on MEGA2 (18ZXC002)



Journal Articles

  1. Marxs Research on Technology and Its Influences on the Making of his World View: Based on the Textual Reading of Notebooks of Brussels, Philosophical Researches, No.7, 2018.
  2. “History and Current Situation of the Study on Marx's Thought of Technologie in Foreign Academia:Based on an Investigation of History of Literature and Thought”, Teaching and Research, No.2, 2018.

3. Re-exploring the Contemporary Significance of Marxs Capital: The Report of International Academic Conference of Marxs Capital after 150 Years: Critique and Alternative to Capitalism, Philosophical Analysis, No.6, 2017.

4. Re-exploring Young Lukacs Concept of History and Its Logical Progress, Academic Exchange, No.11, 2017.

5. On Andrew Ures Philosophy of Manufacture and Its Impact on Marxs Development of Thought, Soochow Academic, No.3, 2017.

6.  Re-exploring Young Marxs Concept of Productive Power and Its Philosophical Meaning, Philosophical Trends, No.5, 2016.