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Guanqun Li Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Strategy of Sea power
  • China-Russia Relations
  • History of Sino-Soviet Relations

Educational Background

Master Degree Candidate, Moscow State University (2009)

Doctoral Candidate, Moscow State University (2012)


Research Projects

   Strategy of Russia in ASEAN and its Influence in South China Sea

   the Research of oceanic safety cooperation between China and Russia


Journal Articles

2012-11 Soviet Union’s Nuclear Aid to China in 1950s  Historical Issues(A&HCI)

2011-06 Oceanic Policy and Strategy of Contemporary China  Politic and Society(Russian Core)

2016-07 Chinese Strategy in South China Sea  National Society and International Culture(Russian Core)

2011-04 The Pearl Chain Strategy of China   Journal of Moscow University(Russian Core)

2012-01 Chinese Oceanic Strategy in the Asian-Pacific Region  National Security(Russian Core)

2011-12 Relations between China, India and US  Contemporary World and the Socialism(CSSCI)

2011-12 the Outlook of Sino-Russia Relations based on Russia’s China Policy in different Stages      Red Flag Manuscrip(CSSCI)

2013-02 the Influences of Russia on China’s oceanic geopolitical Strategy Contemporary World and the Socialism(CSSCI)

2012-06 the new Talk of russian Academican about Russia-Soviet Tibet Policy China Tibetology(CSSCI)

2012-02 China and Russia       Dynamics of foreign Theories(CSSCI)

2014-01 Russia——at a Critical Turning Point of Development  Contemporary World and the Socialism (CSSCI)

2014-10 Development of Sino-Soviet Parties’ Relations after Khrushchev’s Resignation       Historical Review(CSSCI)

2016-01 Thinkings about the Development of Sea power based on Land Power      Contemporary World and the Socialism(CSSCI)

2015-10 the Foundation of Security and Stabilization in Asian-Pacific Region——China-Russia strategical Cooperation       Theory of Guangming Daily

2015-10 SCO pushes on “the Belt and Road Initiative”   Theory of People’s Daily



2012-10 Marine Policy of contemporary China (in Russian) Moscow MAX Press


Academic Title

special Researcher in Ren Bishi Research Society of China