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Hui Zhao Professor

Research Interests: 
Contemporary Chinese Government and Politics

Educational Background

PhD       Modern Chinese History                 Nanjing University

Master     History of the Communist Party of China    Nanjing normal University

Bachelor   Ideological and political education         Yanzhou University



Research Projects :

  1. National social science fund projects:Network geographic information security policy research in China (2016-2018)
  2. National social science fund major bidding projects:Geographic information security policy and law research in China (2012-2015)
  3. Major projects of the Ministry of Education:Build a three-dimensional form of anti-corruption system (2013-2016)
  4. Key projects of social science fund of Jiangsu Province:Transformation of government functions and build a service-oriented government research (2004-2006)
  5. Social Science Fund Project of Jiangsu Province:Civil servant performance evaluation research in China (2008-2009)
  6. Project of Humanities and Social Science Fund of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education:research of contemporary Chinese political participation (2003-2005)
  7. Horizontal project of Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation:Transportation system talent cultivation research in Jiangsu province (2008-2009)
  8. Horizontal project of Human resources and Social Security Department of Jiangsu Province:Civil servant's starting system research in Jiangsu province (2010-2011)

Journal Articles:

1.The specification centralization and balance decentralizationin environmental management system reform ,administrative tribune,2015.4(reprint:Xinhua News Digest,2015.20)

2.Geographic information security organization management system reconstruction under Modernization of national governance ,Chinese Public Administration ,2015.6

3.Network geographic information public policy examination and approval research under  Modernization of national governance ,The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute,2015.3

4.The supervision of American network geographic information security and Its Enlightenment to China,theoretical research,2015.3

5.Geographic information security policy and legal system construction under Modernization of national governance,Journal of XiangTan University,2014.6

6.The phenomenon of current university students pursuit of stability in obtain employment,People forum,2011.6

7.Transformation of Public Administration: an analysis of the path to solve the plight of the people's livelihood,Jianghai Academic Journal,2010.3

8.The role of government in the supply of urban infrastructure,People forum,2010.11

9.The government responsibility of the endowment of the contemporary Chinese Youth Volunteers,Theory Monthly,2010

10.The functions of the government in the health care system reform,People forum,2011.12

11.On the improvement of the system of "one thing and one discussion" in rural areas based on the theory of discourse,Leadership Science,2010.3

12.Factor analysis of performance evaluation indicators of local government in China,Journal of Nanjing normal University,2010.6

13.Institutional obstacles of government accountability and its resolution,Jiangsu Social Sciences,2009.1


1.Government performance management and performance evaluation,Nanjing Normal University press,2011

2.Transformation of government functions and the construction of service oriented government,Guangdong People's Press,2008

3.Mao Zedong's historical thoughts,Nanjing Normal University press,2002


Academic Title:

Director of Chinese Political Science Association

Vice president of the political Science Association of Jiangsu Province