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Jinfen Wang Professor

Research Interests: 
Marxist party theory

Educational Background:

Doctor of law, scientific socialist theory, Nanjing normal university (2007);

Master of law, Marx's theory of political education and ideological and Political Educationl, Renmin university of China (2002);

BA, Bachelor of law,The ideological and political education, Henan university (1989)


Research Projects:

Key projects of National Social Science Fund: The theory and practice of Inner Party democracy in Lenin period


Journal Articles:

  1. Lenin's theoretical explanation and practical exploration of socialist equality and Its Enlightenment, Marx's study, the second phase of 2014.
  2. Lenin and Plekhanov's debate on the issue of democracy in the party and Its Realistic Enlightenment, Marx study, the second phase of 2012.
  3.  The inner party democracy thought of Engels's letters in his later years, Contemporary world and socialism,the fifth phase of 2011.
  4. The multiple analysis of the democratic value of the Communist Party of China, Marx doctrine and reality, the second phase of 2009.
  5. A textual interpretation of the democratic thought in Lenin's political will, Scientific socialism , the first phase of 2015.



Research on Lenin's thought of ruling Communist Party, CPC Central Party School Publishing House, 2008 Edition


Honors and Awards:

1. The young academic leaders of Jiangsu Province in the blue project

2. The wonderful lesson of the Education Departmen

3. The 13th session of philosophy and social sciences second prize in jiangsu province