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jing wu Professor

Research Interests: 
  • 1.Marxist philosophy
  • 2.Foreign Marxism
  • 3.Contemporary critical theory and gender theory


1997/09--2001/06 Nanjing University, China

B.Phil, Department of Philosophy and Religions

2001/09--2004/06 Nanjing University, China

M.Phil, Department of Philosophy and Religions

2005/09—2010/06 The University of Hong Kong

Ph.D. Department of Philosophy

2010/06—2012/06 Nanjing University, China

Post-Doctoral Fellow, The center for Marxist Study

2015/01-2016/01 Pennsylvania State University, USA

Visiting Researcher, Department of Philosophy



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“The Review of the Seminar of Philosophical System and Contemporary Marxism”, in Trends of Philosophy, 2000, 4.

“Return to the Thing Itself”, in Journal of Nanjing University, 2001, 2.

“The Review of the Seminar of Marxism and Modernity”, in Nanjing Social Science, 2001, 2.

“The Historical Problem Task in the Modernization of Marxism”, in People Daily, Mar 31st, 2001.

“The Hidden God: Games on Being”, in Open Times, 2001, 12.

“Late Althusser”, in Nanjing Social Science, 2002, 4.

 “Totality and Totalization”, in Hunan Social Science, 2004, 6.

“Deleuze’s Philosophy of Freedom and Its Limitation”, in Jiangsu Social Science, 2011, 2.

“Deleuze’s ‘Rhizome’ and Adorno’s Constellation”, in Nanjing Social Science, 2012, 2.

“Deleuze’s Theory of Space-Production”, in Study Exploration, 2012, 5

“On Deleuze’s Anti-Dialectics”, in Journal of Hohai University, 2013, 3

“The Ruptures in Early Althusser’s Thinking”, in Jiangsu Social Science, 2014,1

“The Utopian Nature of Deleuze’s Concept of Difference”, in 2012 Deleuze Studies Conference, 2014,6

“Encountering Utopian”, in Jianghai Academic, 2015,6

“From Minority to Multitude”, in Marxism and Reality, 2016,2

“On Simulacra: Deleuze VS Baudrillard”, in Jiangsu Social Science, 2016,2


Translation Works

The Specter of Hegel (English into Chinese, Co-worked with Dr. Tang Zhengdong). Nanjing University Press: Nanjing, 2005.

The Making of HongKong (English into Chinese, Co-worked with Dr. Hu Daping). Publishing House of Electronics Industry: Beijing, 2013

Archaeologies of the Future: The Desire Called Utopia and Other Science Fictions (English into Chinese). Yilin Press: Nanjing, 2014, 5.

Organ without Body,Nanjing University Press, 2019