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Louping Wu Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • Political Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Western Philosophy

Educational Background:

2003/09--2007/06 Anhui University, China

B.Phil, Department of Philosophy;

2007/09--2010/06 Nanjing University, China

M.Phil, Department of Philosophy and Religions;

2012/09—2017/08 Nanjing University, China

Ph.D. Department of Philosophy and Religions.


Journal Articles:

“Comparative or Noncomparative: On Joel Feinberg’s Form of Justice”, in Philosophical Trends, 2018(10).

“Sellars’ Analysis and Construction of Moral Consciousness”, in Morality and Civilization, 2018(04), as the Second author.

“How to Identify International Aid Obligations”, in Morality and Civilization, 2017(04).

“Pluralistic Justice between Globalization and Cultural Pluralism: David Miller's Justice Dilemma and Theoretical Defense”, in Journal of Guangzhou University (Social science Edition), 2017(06).

“On the Minimum Human Rights Based on Basic Needs: David Miller's Transformation for Rawls' View on Human Rights”, in Human Rights, 2017(01).

“Can Global egalitarianism be Justified: David Miller's Perspective and Reconstruction of Global Justice Theory Based on Responsibility”, in Foreign Theoretical Trends, 2016(08).

“The Boundaries of International Justice: Obligation to Aid”, in Morality and Civilization, 2015(01).