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Meizhen Dong Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Science, technology and society
  • Feminist philosophy of science
  • Science and religion

Educational Background

PhD, Philosophy of science and technology, Fudan University (2004)

MA, Philosophy of science and technology, Shanxi University (2001)

BA, English Languages, Taiyuan Normal University (1997)


Research Projects:

1. Presided and accomplished one general project of National Social Science Fund: On the new trend of contemporary Chinese women's political participation, 2011

2. Presided and accomplished one major interdisciplinary projects in philosophy and Social Sciences of Nanjing Normal University: On feminist philosophy of science, 2010

3. Presided and accomplished one general project of Jiangsu Education Department Fund: Theoretical research on harmonious society and gender justice, 2007.

Journal Articles:

Have officially and individually published more than 30 academic papers in some central magazines of china, such as, Dialectics of Nature CommunicationsDialectics of NaturePhilosophy of Science, etc

Have officially published 2 IEEE International Symposium thesis in English: “The Value Defense and Conscience in Professional Activities” (Co-Author,2/2) and “Robot Warriors Autonomously Employing Lethal Weapons: Can They Be Morally Justified?(Co-Author,1/2)


On Scientific Views of Western Feminism. 2010.3

One English translation: On Desire. 2008.1

Honors and Awards:

1. Thesis “On women's status in Locke's political thought”, awarded excellent paper in the Sixth Academic Conference of philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu, 2012.12

2. The bilingual teaching subject: History of Science and Technology as one of the series curriculum construction and innovation of bilingual teaching in western philosophy, awarded the second prize of Higher Education Teaching Achievements in Jiangsu Province, 2009.4

3. Awarded outstanding young teachers in “Blue Project" of Nanjing Normal University, 2008.12

4.Ph.D thesis “Investigation on Scientific Views of Western Feminism”, awarded the third prize of the First Women/Gender Studies of Chinese Women Research Society(CWRS).

Academic Title

Invited researcher of Jinling Women’s College in Nanjing Normal University