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Shouming Yang Professor

Research Interests: 
  • International Relations Theory
  • International Relations
  • Contemporary China Foreign Policy

Educational Background

PhD, International Politics, Central China Normal University (2007)

MA, International Politics, Peking University (2001)

BA, Ideological and Political Education, Hebei University, (1994)


Research Projects

MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (Project No.09YJAGJW001): The Quantity and the Degree of China’s Constructive Role in Settling International Disputes and Global Problems.

Jiangsu Province Major Key Project of Philosophy and the Social Sciences (Project No.2010ZDIXM039): The Construction and Development of Marxist Theory System of Epoch.

Anhui Province Planning Project of Philosophy and the Social Sciences (AHSKF03-04D08): The Peaceful Rise and Threat of China.

Nanjing Normal University Project of Scientific Research(2010): The New Development of Marxist Theory of Epoch and the Position of Defining Feature of Today's World.

Nanjing Normal University Project of Scientific Research(2009): The Consideration During China Solving the International Problems.


Journal Articles

  • Yang Shouming, “The Deepening Theory Research of Marxist View of Epoch”[N], People’s Daily, 2011-9-29.
  • Yang Shouming, “The Comparative Study of Mao and Deng’s International Strategy Thought”[J], Journal of Peking University, 2001,(1).
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  • Yang Shouming, “The Ideas and Practices of Both Sides into Account in China’s International Cooperation”[J],  Teaching and Research, 2007,(4).
  • Yang Shouming, “The Study of the New Generation of Leaders’ International Strategy Thoughts, Vicissitudes, 2007,(3).
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  • Yang Shouming, “The Construction of the International Culture and the Influence of the Rise of China”[J], Contemporary World and Socialism, 2012.(4).
  • Yang Shouming, “The Evolution of the Times’ Main Themes and China’s Peaceful Development”[J], Contemporary World and Socialism, 2006, (5).
  • Yang Shouming, “The Courses of Western countries doubts about China’s Rise”[J], Socialism Study, 2007, (2).
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  • Yang Shouming, “A comparative study of "peaceful unification law" and "peaceful separation law”[J], Journal of Sichuan University of Science & Engineering(Social Science Edition), 2007,(2).



Yang Shouming, “the peaceful rise of China”[M], Hefei: Anhui People’s Publishing House, 2008.


Academic Title

1. Director, China International Political Science Research Association

2. Jiangsu Province University Research Center——Researcher at the East Asian Studies Center