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Tao Tang Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • Modern Continental Philosophy
  • Western Marxism

Educational Background

PhD, Law,Nanjing Normal University(2008)

MA, Philosophy,Nanjing Normal University (2005)


Research Projects

On Body Thinking,MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (Project No.10YJC710050) 


Journal Articles

  • On the Body of the Post-modern Body Philosophy. JiangHai Academic Journal,2008,2:61-65. Chinese Social Science Digest,2008,7:26-28.
  • On “thought”: An Analysis to Internal Property of Body Thinking. Academic Forum, 2008,1:5-9.
  • On Body Thinking. Academic Research,2008,5:30-35.
  • The Body of the Body Philosophy: A Response to Mr. ZhouShujun. The Oretical Investigation, 2007,6:164-166.
  • Behind the silence: A psychological explanation of the phenomenon of moral indifference. Seeker,2008,2:77-79.
  • On Harbermas’ Post-metaphysical Ethics. Journal of Northwest University, 2008,2:164-167.
  • Rationalizing the life-world: On Habermas’ Post-metaphysical Thinking. JianHuai Tribune,2005,3:103-106.
  • On the Meaning of Absurdity: A close reading of Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus. Journal of BaoJi University of Arts and Scienc2005,2:22-26.
  • Habermas’ Criticism and Transcendency about the Law View of Weber’s Pharisaism. Journal of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,2005,1:61-64.
  • Individuality,Power,Tradition:On Habermas’ Post-metaphysical Thinking.Seeker,2013,6: 96-99.
  • How to cultivate students’communication rationality. JiangHai Academic Journal, 2014,4:209-213.



Dr.Tao Tang

Department of Philosophy

School of Public Administration

Nanjing Normal University

No.1 Wenyuan Road 
Nanjing,Jiangsu 210023
P.R. China

E-mail: taotaotang