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Tao Tao Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • Western Ethics
  • Political Philosophy

Educational Background

PhD, Philosophy, Tsinghua University (2012)

MA, Philosophy, Nanjing Normal University (2008)

BA, International Economics and Trade, Henan University of Economics and Law (2005)


Research Projects

City-State Ethics and Civic Virtue of Ancient Greek, supported by National Social Science Foundation (2016)


Journal Articles:

  1. The Past, Current, Future of Chinese Ethics, Studies in Ethics, Vol.3, 2010
  2. The Problem of Disabilities and Challenge to Rawls’ Theory of Justice, Studies in Ethics, Vol.4, 2010
  3. Ethical Life of Fucheng Zhou, Chinese Social Sciences Today, 09.16.2010
  4. Aristotle on Music and Education of Virtue, Morality and Civilization, Vol.1, 2013
  5. Aristotle on Best Constitution, Philosophical Trends, Vol.5, 2013
  6. Aristotle on Function, Eudaimonia, and Virtues, Studies in Ethics, Vol.6, 2013
  7. Ethical Belief and Ethics of Conviction, Guang Ming Daily, 04.16.2014
  8. Theoretical Creativation and Practical Exploration of Chinese Economic EthicsGuang Ming Daily, 12.17.2014
  9. The Virtuous Persons Should Have High Position, Studies in Ethics, Vol.5, 2015
  10. Rational and Irrational Ethical Practice, Chinese Social Sciences Today, 05.31.2016

Translated Books:

The Philosopher’s Toolkit: a Compendium of Philosophical Concepts and Methods, Julian Baggini and Peter S. Fosl, China Renmin University Press, 2016


Academic Title

Research Scholar, Institute for Ethics and Religions Studies, Tsinghua University

Director, Committee of Young Scholar, China Association for Ethical Studies



E-mail: taotao_112@126. com