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Tianxiu Niu Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Gender Politics
  • Social Organization Governance

Educational Background

PhD, Political Science, Nanjing Normal University (2013)

MA, Administration Management, Nanjing Normal University (2005)

BA, Administration Management, Liaoning University (2002)


Research Projects

The value construction of "gender justice" and the practice of women's participation in politics, Project of Philosophy and Social Science Research in Universities supported by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department in 2011 (2011-2013), 2011SJB810004, leading researcher of the project group


Study on the new trend of contemporary women's political participation in China, Project supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China in 2011(2011-2015), 11BZZ023, the first participant


 The theoretical speculation of "gender justice" and women's participation in politics, the Research and Innovation program for graduate students in universities in Jiangsu Province(2011-2013), CXZZ11_0840, leading researcher of the project group


"gender justice and women's participation in politics" supported by young scientific talent fund of Nanjing Normal University in 2013(2013-2015), 13QNPY01, leading researcher of the project group


Journal Articles

  1. Tianxiu Niu, Di Wu.2005. On the development of agricultural interest group from the viewpoint of political participation. Journal of the party school of CPC Jinan municipal committee. 2005(4):92-94
  2. Tianxiu Niu.2007. Analysis of NGO’s public service in China. Journal of Nanjing University of Technology (social science edition), quarterly. 2007(4):23-27
  3. Tianxiu Niu, Aiwu Yue.2009.The tendency of “pan economy” on the local government's responsibility and its correction in the period of social transformation. Changbai Journal. 2009(6):63-66
  4. Tianxiu Niu.2009. A case study of promoting the development of NGO in women from grass roots. Theory and practice of the development of Chinese women's organizations. 2009(12):234-239
  5. Tianxiu Niu, Hui Zhao.2009.Deep thinking and policy suggestions of rural women in China entering into "two committees". Theory and Reform (CSSCI). 2009(6):54-57
  6. Tianxiu Niu,Zhi Li.2010. On rural women’s political participation and amendment of “Organic law of village committee”. Journal of Shanxi Normal University  (social science edition). 2010(5):140-143
  7. Tianxiu Niu.2011. The path of dependence and selection of Chinese rural women entering into the two committees. Jinyang Journal (CSSCI).2011(3):39-42
  8. Tianxiu Niu.2011. First asking responsibility: Connotation, Dilemma and Countermeasures. Changbai Journal. 2011(4):77-80
  9. Tianxiu Niu, Nan Zhang.2012. Characteristics and advantages of female talent development. Weishi Journal. 2012(8-9):144-147
  10. Tianxiu Niu.2013. Path optimization of higher education for women's political participation. Jiangsu Higher Education (CSSCI). 2013(2):47-48
  11. Tianxiu Niu.2013. On possible modes of Chinese women’s political participation reform. Jianghai Academic Journal (CSSCI). 2013(2):125-132
  12. Tianxiu Niu. 2013. The professional ladder for Chinese Female’s participation in politics from the perspective of gender politics and justice. Administration Tribune (CSSCI). 2013(6):20-24
  13. Tianxiu Niu, Chunhua Zhang.2014. Discussion on the law of female college students' political quality education from the perspective of gender education. Journal of Fujian Education Institute. 2014(4):5-7
  14. Tianxiu Niu. 2013. The problems on the research of women’s political participation. China Women’s News. 2013.5.14
  15. Tianxiu Niu. 2013. The exploration and practice on the reform of contemporary women's political participation. China Women’s News. 2013.1.8




《Study on Contemporary Chinese women's participation in politics from the perspective of gender justice》,Nanjing Normal University Press,2013.12



Honors and Awards

  1. Outstanding paper awards of Women's development and Harmonious Society Construction Summit Forum and Provincial Youth Social Science Congress in 2008: Women's political participation and education in Harmonious Society
  2. Outstanding paper awards of the campaign that Jiangsu female talent research center commemorate the 30 anniversary of reform and opening up in 2009: Across the rural women's political participation threshold – study on the female entering into two committees
  3. The second prize of the fourth national talent academic forum in 2009: The study on the scientific outlook on development and Talent development strategy
  4. Outstanding paper award of annual meeting of China’s administration management in 2011: First asking responsibility: Connotation, Dilemma and Countermeasures. 11ZX12030
  5. The second prize of the sixth academic conference of philosophy and social sciences in Jiangsu Province: Transformation and reconstruction of traditional culture from the perspective of gender. JSSKL2012XHB076
  6. Outstanding paper award of annual meeting of China’s administration management in 2012: Balance and coordination of interests -- analysis of the responsibilities, power and rights of the government and institutional arrangements in harmonious society. 12ZX01028
  7. Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Nanjing Normal University in 2014: Study on the contemporary women political participation through the view of gender justice
  8. The third prize of the third conference of excellent achievements of Chinese women's studies in 2015: Analysis on the possible pattern of Chinese women's political participation reform


Academic Title

Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu female talent research center;

The syndic of Gender Sociology Committee of Chinese Association of Sociology