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Wenbing Yang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
The public economic and administrative ethics

Educational Background

MA, Philosophy and science, Southeast university(1993)

BA, Church and state department, Nanjing Normal University , (1989)

Research Projects

1、Project in jiangsu province department of education:(2004——2006)

  project name:Building a well-off society in an all-round way and institutionalization of moral study(04SJB720004)

2、Jiangsu province education science "11 (superscript th) five-year plan" project:(2009——2011)

  project name:Balance urban and rural education resources configuration of integrated strategic policy research(D/2009/01/084)

Journal Articles

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  8. the era of the socialist moral theory innovation   the moral and civilization, 2002, 6
  9. The theory of enterprise property rights contract constitutes and the historical evolution          The economist" in 2003
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  11. The pursuit of moral person will be unlucky     the party's life 09, 2000
  12. The theory of moral insufficient effective demand                   The social and economic information 5, 2001
  13. The new idea of "building consumption ethics         The social and economic information 5, 2001
  14. "On" for the "associated with" DE "gain and loss   Journal of guangxi youth cadre institute in 2002
  15. Under the market economy condition collectivism morality education thoughts    The social and economic information 2002
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  31. "Moral hazard"             Lianyungang teachers college newspaper, 2009, 1
  32. The historical evolution of grain direct subsidies policy and performance analysis        Studies of productivity, 10, 2010
  33. The postgraduate education of "culture" currencies tend       The modern education management 11, 2010
  34. "On transformation of The Times in Chinese graduate education"      The education theory and practice in 2011, 1



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