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Wenhao Niu Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Political Theory

Educational Background

PhD, Political Theory, Jilin University(2018);

BA, Politics and Administration, Jilin University(2011).


Research Projects

Participated in the National Social Science Foundation key project “Principles of Distributive Justice in the Primary Stage of Socialism Research”(Project No. 16AZZ002), ranked third.


Journal Articles

1.“The Justification and Limitation of ‘the Minority Obeying the Majority’———A Research Basing on Procedural Values”, Zhejiang Social Sciences ,2019(2).

2.“Electoral Democracy: Critical Reflection of Western Scholars.”, Foreign Theoretical Trends,2018(9).

3.“What is ‘voluntary’? —— Current Debate and Methodological Reflection”, Philosophical Trends,2018(8).

Translated Works (from English to Chinese)

1.“Capabilitarian Sufficiency: Capabilities and Social

Justice”, Foreign Theoretical Trends,2018(6).

2.“Arguing for Majority Rule”, Journal of the History of Political Thought,2017(2).