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Yan Zhang Lecturer

Research Interests: 

Educational Background:

PhD, Philosophy, Nanjing Normal University (2015)

MA, Otorhinolaryngology of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing university of Chinese medicine (2007)

BA, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing university of Chinese medicine (2004)


Research Projects:

Research on Ethical Dilemmas and Countermeasures of Animal Medical Utilization. Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (Youth Project 2015), 15ZXC004


Journal Articles:

1. Yan Zhang, Whoes' right? How to use?--Animal rights and animal utilization based on the holistic view of ecology, Studies in Philosophy, Vol.7, 2015:107-112

2. Yan Zhang, On the origins of relationship between humanity and animals from the perspective of philosophy and science, Studies in Dialectics of Natural, Vol.1, 2015:86-90

3. Yan Zhang, The "moral dilemma" and ethical reflection about prevention and control of Ebola epidemic, Studies in Ethics, Vol.1, 2015:128-133

4. Yan Zhang, The moral legitimacy and ethical boundaries on animal utilization, Morality and Civilization, Vol.5, 2015:119-123

5. Yan Zhang, A Comparative Study of Marxism overall ecological conception and Confucian Ecological Ethics, Theoretical Investigation, Vol.5, 2015:19-22

6. Yan Zhang, Lulu Wang, Ethical considerations on "policy divorce", Tangdu Journal, Vol.5, 2013:6-10


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