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Yana Lu Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Governance
  • Cross—sectoral collaboration governance
  • Political Philosophy

Educational Background

Ph.D. (2013), Political Science, Nanjing Normal University

M.A. (2005), Ideological and Political Education, Nanjing Normal University

B.A. (1988), Philosophy, Nanjing University

Visiting Scholar (2014 - 2015), California State University Fullerton, United States


Research Projects:

"Mechanism research on the orderly participation of social organizations in emergency relief", State Social Science Fund Project(2018-2021), 18BZZ089

 "Study on comprehensive disaster reduction and relief coordination mechanism in China", Key subject of the ministry of civil affairs (2016-2017), 2017MZRL0112

“Research on Collaborative Management System and Mechanism of Government and Social Organizations in Emergence Management,” Social Science Foundation project of Jiangsu Province (2015-2018), 15ZZB002

“Group Incidents Resolution Mechanism Research in Jiangsu Province,” Key university project of philosophy and social science of Jiangsu province (2011-2014), 2011ZDIXM042.

“Study on Government and Third Sector Joint Coordination of and Response to Major Public Emergency,” Humanities and Social Science Foundation general project of the Ministry of Education (2009-2013), 09YJA630074


Journal Articles:

Lu Yana, 2015."Achilles Heel"-Third Sector Participation in Emergency Management and Its Path. Jiangsu Social Sciences, 6(283):116-122.

Lu Yana, 2014.Institutional Design of Coordinated Responses to Major Public Emergencies between Government and the Third Sector. Chinese Public Administration, 12(354):71-73.

Lu Yana, 2014.The Exploration of "Method of Series Topic Discussion" in the Teaching Practice of Political Philosophy. Journal of Huaihai Institute of Technology (Social Science), 7(115):138-142.

Lu Yana, 2013.The Democratization of Political and “the Politicization of Democracy”—the Paradox of Globalization. Jiangsu Social Sciences, 3(268):145-148.

Lu Yana, Xu Yu, 2013. Analysis of Rural Land Expropriation and Housing Removal in the Process of Urbanization—The Perspective of Game Theory. Journal of  Suzhou University of Science and Technology (Social Science), 3(149):24-30.

Lu Yana, 2011.Analyzing the Functions of NGO in Preventing the Unexpected Mass Incidents. Forward Position,23(301):188-191.

Lu Yana, 2011.The Root Reason of the Chinese Major Environmental Pollution and the Fault in Government Decision Making. Journal of Suzhou University of Science and Technology (Social Science), 3(137):50-53.

Lu Yana, 2010.The Developmental Path of NGO Supervision and Relationship with Political Civilization. Jiangsu Social Sciences, 6(253):129-133.

Lu Yana, 2008.The Democracy Politicize-Analyzing the Globalization Background. Jiangsu Social Sciences,6(241):107-109.

Lu Yana, 2007.Analyzing the Problems and Causes of Chinese Society Supervision. Jiangsu Social Sciences,2(231):129-134.

Lu Yana, 2005.A Study of Strengthening Systematic Measures of Chinese Society Supervision. Chinese Public Administration, 2(236):69-72.

Lu Yana, 2003.Analyzing the Factors of Influencing the Improvement of College Students’ “Frustration Tolerance”. Journal of Nanjing Institute of Technology, 3(9):60-63.

Lu Yana, 2003.Analysis of the Employment Problem of Junior College Graduates. Chinese and Foreign Education Science, 10(10):37-38

Lu Yana, 2002.Doing well in “Six Combination” to Improve Teaching Effectiveness. Ideological and Theoretical Education Tribune, 6(42):32-33.



Lu Yana, Response to Major Emergency Incidents---Collaboration between Government and Non-Profit Organizations. Nanjing: Nanjing Normal University Press. 2016.2.


Honors and Awards 

*Research Paper: Institutional Design of Coordinated Responses to Major Public Emergencies between Government and the Third Sector.

First Prize at the Ninth Congress of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province in December, 2015.

*Research Paper:“Achilles Heel”——Third Sector Participation in Emergency .Outstanding Paper Award of Political Science Annual Conference in Jiangsu Province in 2015.

*Policy Report: A Study of Countermeasures on Group Incidents.

Second Prize of Excellent Project Award for outstanding achievements on the application of Social Science by Federation of Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province in 2014.

*Research Paper: “Analysis on the Functions of NGO in Source block Mass Incidents.” Third Prize in the Fifth Philosophy Social Sciences Academic Conference in Jiangsu province, November 2011.

Outstanding Doctoral Students of 2009 in Nanjing Normal University, December 2009.

Second Prize of political thought and theory class teaching excellent prize in Nanjing Normal University, November 2005.

Third Prize in the first multimedia courseware competition of public administration college of Nanjing Normal University, April 2003.

Third Prize of Excellent teaching achievement prize at the Tenth Nanjing Normal University, September 2000.


Academic Title

*Director of Institute of Social Organizations and Social Governance

*The Second Session of the Committee on Urban Governance in Nanjing members of the public members of the Expert Group


Contact information

Address:No.1Wenyuan Road ,Nanjing,P.R.China. 210023