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Yumin Zhong Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Public Policy

Educational Background

PhD, Public Administration, Nanjing University (2013)

MA, Public Administration, Nanjing University (2006)

B A, business management, Jiangxi Administration Institute (2003)


Research Projects

1、2013,A research on synergy mechanisms to the supply for rural public products and public service(13ZZB003),Fund by The social science fund project of Jiangsu Prov.,Project Leader;

2、2015,A research on Folk think-tank of Wenzhou(ZD20150118),Fund by the Decision-making consultation committee of Wenzhou, Project Leader;

3、2009,Deepen the administrative accountability system—A path of rule by law,Fund by the Youth scientific research fund of Nanjing Normal University,Project Leader;

4、2015,one body with two wings·mutualistic symbiosis of  five dimensions: A research on practice teaching system reform for major of public administration,Fund by Teaching Reform Funds of Nanjing Normal University,Project Leader.


Journal Articles

1.Zhong Yumin, Chen Baosheng. (Aug, 2015). The Effective Participation of Local Public Decision-making: an  Experiential Research based on Folk Think-tanks in Wenzhou. Chinese Public Administration.

2.Zhong Yumin, Chen Qiaoyu. (May, 2015). The Negative Rejection of Identity-Oriented Policy: Its Evolution Track and Formation Mechanism. Probe.

3.Huang Jianrong, Zhong Yumin. (Apr, 2015). Theory on Rejection of Public Policy: a New Exploration of Policy Cognition. The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute.

4.Zhong Yumin. (Sept, 2014). The Frame of Rejection on Policy based on the Social Fairness Question. Teaching and Research.

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6.Zhong Yumin. (May, 2014). The Negative Rejection of Capital-Oriented Policy: Its Evolution Track, Formation Mechanism and Governance Path. Economic System Reform.

7.Zhong Yumin. (June, 2014). The Negative Rejection of Public Policy: a Discussion on Characters and Types. Administrative Tribune.

8.Zhong Yumin, Liu Wei. (Jan, 2014). The Evaluation and Optimization of Chinese Government’s Integrating Ability on Decision-making and Mobilization: Examplified by the Environmental Policy from the Opening and Reforming. Journal of Fujian Party School.

9.Zhong Yumin. (Apr, 2011). The Basic Course and Evaluation of China’s Public Medical Care and Public Health System Reform since 1949. Tianfu New Idea.

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