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Zhaoming Gao Professor


Ph.D., Renmin University of China. He used to be a worker in a factory, an educated youth in a countryside, and a doctor in a hospital; currently Distinguished Professor of Nanjing Normal University and the director of Institute for Applied Ethics—a key research institute of Nanjing Normal University; the main academic research fields include: moral philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of science and technology, studies of social ethical problems in transformation period.

He has had 19 books published, including:

1. Spiritual Order and Life Order, The Commercial Press, 2014, 2016.

2. Moral Culture: From Tradition to Modern, People's Publishing House, 2015.

3. Political Justice: the Consciousness of China's problems, People's Publishing House, 2015.

4. Theories and Methods of Ethics (Revised Edition), People's Publishing House, 2005, 2013.

5. On Institutional Ethics: An Understanding of Constitutional Justice, The Commercial Press, 2011.

6. Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, The Commercial Press, 2010.

7. On Honor and Shame, People's Publishing House, 2010.

8. Being and Freedom: An Introduction to Ethics, Nanjing Normal University press, 2004.11.

9. Ethical Problems in Human Cloning (co-authored,1/2), Nanjing Normal University press, 2004.12.

10. A Theory of Institutional Justice: On Moral Disorder in the Transition of Reforms, Shanghai Literature Press, 2001.

11. Manuscripts on the Civic Society in China, China University of Mining and Technology Press, 2001.

12. On Happiness, The China Youth Publishing House, 2001.

13. On Social Disorder, Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2000.

14. The Ethical Order in Social Reforms, China University of Mining and Technology Press, 1994.

15. A Theory of Morality and Life, Hehai University Press, 1993.

16. Introduction to Ethics in Management, Fudan University Press, 1988.

He has had more than 180 articles published; 5 of them in Social Sciences in China (both in Chinese and in English); 11 of them in Philosophical Researches.

He has presided and completed 4 projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China; 2 of them are key projects (Moral Philosophical Researches on “Moral Indifference”; Investigation on Social Disorder in the Transition Periods); one general project (Research on Institutional Ethics) and one post-funded project (Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of Right).

He has presided and completed one major project entrusted by the Ministry of Education (Researches on Socialist View of Honor/Shame and Moral Education in Middle and Primary Schools); One Social Science Project funded by the Ministry of Education (Investigation on the Problems of Genetic Technology in Applied Ethics).