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brief introduction of the college

School of sports science, Nanjing Normal University can be traced back to Gymnastics Section of Sanjiang Normal School set up in 1902, Specialized Course Section in Nanjing Higher Normal School set up in 1916, and Department of physical education in Jinling Women's University set up in 1924. It is one of the birthplace of China's modern higher physical education. In 1952, when the Nanjing Normal College was established, the Department of physical education in Nanjing University and the Department of physical education in Jinling Women's University are combined into Teaching and Research Office of Nanjing Normal College. In 1976, some professional teachers of Nanjing Sport Institute were transferred into the Nanjing Normal College, and the Department of physical education was set up, and began to recruit students majoring in physical education. In 2000, The School of sports science was established in Nanjing Normal University. Wu Yunrui, Zhang Huilan, Xu Shaowu, and other famous sports education experts in our country, have been in charge in different stages of the development of the school. After several generations' efforts in more than a hundred years, School of sports science, Nanjing Normal University has become a new-style Institute of physical education, which set personnel training, scientific research, training, competition, development of science and technology, social services as one.


      In School of sports science, Nanjing Normal University There are two undergraduate majors: sports education and social sports, a post-doctoral research station, a first-level doctoral program, s science a doctoral level disciplines, two doctoral disciplines of second level (humanistic sociology of physical education and sports curriculum and teaching theory), authorization center to launch Master's Program of first-class discipline master's degree  and four Master's programs of secondary discipline (humanistic sociology of physical education, physical education and training, human movement science and traditional ethnic sports), authorization center to launch master's degree of Physical Education, recruiting masters of education, professional masters of higher education, and is one of those sports colleges with the most comprehensive training.


Institute of Sports Science has the sports social science research base and sports culture research base of the State Sports General Administration, sports and art teachers training base of the Ministry of Education, students health promotion research center of Jiangsu Province; establishes a internship base of professional sports with a number of enterprises and institutions. At the same time  it has established long-term cooperations in scientific research and academic exchanges programs with more than ten colleges and universities from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and has ever hosted several domestic and international academic meetings.


       The existing staff mounts up to 98 and 80 are full-time teachers, 18 professors, associate professors, 39 and 74% have a doctorate or master's degree and  8 people are PhD supervisors. Thirty-eight teachers are national or international level referees, and eighteen people are international or national level athletes. After many years of development, the college has built academic-oriented and teaching-oriented types of teachers.


       Influenced by the university motto: "virtue, knowledge, honesty, hard-working", Institute of sports science, adhere to the development philosophy of "strengthening discipline construction, improving the level of scientific research, training qualified talents of physical education", and the road of enhancing both the connotation and extension, make full use of the advantage of comprehensive university, multidisciplinary and talent, take the road of sustainable development, strive to become a world level teaching and Research Institute of physical education with distinctive features.xue_yuan_jian_jie_.docx