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Academic Events

Academic Lecture | Weidong Li: SSCI & SCI Paper Writing and Submission

On the afternoon of June 20,a seminar focusing on how to write and submit the SSCI & SCI papers was held in the Lecture Hall of the College. Prof. Weidong Li from Department of Human Sciences, Ohio State University, shared his experience with our students and teachers. 


Prof. Li is received a bachelor's degree from the Department of Physical Education of Nanjing Normal University, 1996. Then he was recommended to Beijing Sport University for a master's degree in sports humanities and sociology and. He got his PhD degree in sports and Statistics from Louisiana State University. Prof. Li focuses on physical education curriculum and teaching models, students' motivation and behavior in physical education, the relationship between physical exercise and students' intellectual and cultural achievements and the social prejudice and discrimination of obese students in Physical Education and physical exercise and their psychological reaction and countermeasures. 


At the beginning of the lecture, Prof. Li introduced Ohio State UniversityHe, then gave his suggestions about paper writing and submission skills. In the preface of the article students can put forward research hypotheses based on the literature, emphasizing the great contribution that their research can make to the existing literature. It’s a must to convince the reviewer of the importance of your research. For the use of research methods, the correct use of the literature method should demonstrate examples and  ensure the research methods to be rigor and science.In the choice of research methods, he suggested that when students choose the experimental intervention research methods, we must ensure the credibility of the experiment, reducing the intervention factors. He also points out the quicker and more convenient way of sending out the questionnaire to do the research. In the part of the result section of the article, Professor Li Weidong proposes that students should not discuss, summarize our research results and provide data when writing. Students should prompt the reader to their own research question and the hypothesis, pointing out the research flaw, and once again emphasizing their own research the importance. Finally, Professor Li Weidong briefly introduced review process and review time of the manuscript. He encouraged students not to lose heart when they are rejected and to keep a friendly and appreciative attitude when replying to expert emails.