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Focus:NPC deputy Zhang Changning made suggestions from the perspective of sports and education integration


In the past two sessions of the National Peoples Congress, Zhang Changning, the delegate from the Chinese womens volleyball team, has put forward her own suggestions on athletes selection and career development. During  the congress, Zhang Changning provided a proposal for further strengthening the construction of high level sports teams in general universities.


President Xi stressed the need to deepen the integration of sports and education and to promote the healthy development of youth; and at the meantime,  school PE should be strengthened and the youth sports competition system should be improved, said Zhang Changning. She further explained her proposal to the public media I love womens volleyball teamAs an important part of school sports, the construction of high-level sports teams in colleges and universities plays an important exemplary role in promoting the healthy and orderly development of school sports and the promotion of students’ physical health.

In the summer of 2019, Zhang Changning became a Masters student in sports training at the Nanjing Normal University. She often went to the university to attend class and various related school activities during the rest intervals of competitions. Therefore, she has a personal understanding and knowledge on the university sports work.


Zhang Changning said that as an important part of school sports, College sports teams provide a channel for the youth engaged in sports to go to college, and also create a sports culture  for  universities. At the same time, they also help the professional teams to solve the learning problems of the athletes, which can be said to have many advantages at one stroke.



In order to further improve the overall quality and efficiency of building high level sports teams in general colleges and universities, Zhang Changning made two suggestions.


The first is to strengthen policy guidance, further enhance the weight of physical education in students’ comprehensive evaluation and graduation indicators and transform the policy requirements into students conscious actions to attach importance to and strengthen physical education. The second is to increase the proportion of students enrolled, for example, by increasing the size of the university sports teams from no more than 1 per cent to 10 per cent of the universitys undergraduate enrollment plan for the previous year. This will further stimulate the enthusiasm of young people for physical exercise, drive more young people into sports, and thus promote better and faster development of university sports.

After hearing the report on the work of the government, Zhang Changning was encouraged by its coverage of sports. She said that the report on the work of the government mentioned the need to enrich the peoples spiritual and cultural life, cultivate and practice core socialist values, prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, and advocate national fitness. This shows that sport can play a role to make the whole society full of vitality and upward good. In Zhang Changnings view, with the government's strong promotion, people will be more active in the national fitness activities to maintain physical and mental health. Our professional athletes will also do their best to prepare for the competition and win glory for our motherland on the sports field.