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Academic Events

Freshman orientation education lecture series \Qingjun Wang:Both theory and skill must be developed into hard skills \Freshman orientation education

In order to help the freshmen of grade 2020 fully understand their majors, and spend their college time to be more meaningful, on the evening of November 5th, the theme lecture of Theory and Skill-Four Years of College Life for Students majoring in Physical Educationwas held in the PE department. Professor Qingjun Wang,vice President and doctor supervisor of the PE college was invited to give a lecture. Grade 2020 instructor Weiping Zheng and teacher Chenchen Wang attended and presided over the activity. All the undergraduates of grade 2020 participated in the seminar.

In the lecture, Mr.Wang introduced what the sports major is, how to cultivate the professional quality of sports and the demand for sports professionals in today's society.The current sports professional talent training goal is to develop modern education and basic theory knowledge of sports education, to engage in  sports teaching in all grades and schools,in sports training and competition, sports writing, sports scientific research, sports management, sports agency and event planning as interdisciplinary talents.At the same time, Mr. Wang gave a detailed and vivid explanation of the above professional qualities.

Mr.Wang stressed that physical education is not limited to physical strength requirements, it also involves theoretical knowledge. Only by systematically mastering the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills of physical education, mastering the rules of physical education and possessing strong comprehensive practical ability, can students become physical talents needed by the country and the society.
This lecture is an essential part of the freshman orientation education lecture series, which is conducive to help students better understand the major, better plan their academic and professional career and better satisfy the social needs of high-level and inter-disciplinary physical talents.