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Academic Events

how the name card of party members Be the most beautiful sportsman—Teacher party members of our college serve students returning to school

When the spring arrives, students return to the school. From 21/April, students of our school have returned to the campus in succession. In order to do a good job on students’ return, the Party Committee of the college, according to the school's work deployment and requirements, cooperated with the school to welcome students and ensure their safe and orderly return. Wang Ruying, Ji Mingxia, Liu Yiming, Liu Tongji, Liu Xiaoli, Min Zhu, Chen Zhan, Chen Fuliang, Hu Dayong and Xia Junbiao, these ten teacher party members of our college volunteered to participate in service work, contributing to ensuring students’ the safe and orderly return.

At the entrance of the school, the teacher party members of our college persisted in the front line, actively helping students carry luggage, and warmly welcoming students back to school. According to the unified deployment of the party committee of the college, all teacher party members should wear party emblems when working, to clarify the identity of party member. They should adhere to the principle of "serving the people wholeheartedly", build a good image of the party members of School of Sports Science and Physical Education, and ensure that their words and deeds match the identity of party members.

Clarifying the identity of party member is not to show off, nor to advertise, but to dare to stand up and fight against difficulties when facing crucial moments or urgent and dangerous tasks, dare to call out "I am a party member, come with me" and use actual deeds to play the role of party members. After students return to school, the party committee of the college will combine the characteristics of the college, start from the actual needs of students, and encourage more teacher party members to participate in the volunteer service to contribute to the growth of students.