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Academic Events

International Academic Conference on Aerobics and Physical Fitness of Youth Held in Our School

On April 22, 2017, international academic conference on aerobic exercise and physical fitness of Youth was held in the library Eastern Lecture Hall on Xianlin campus sponsored by the Nanjing Normal University Sports Institute.

Dr. Cooper H. Kenneth, father of "Aerobic exercise", Tyler Clark Dr. Cooper, president and CEO of the United States Cooper Aerobics Center, Mr. Zhu Weizhong, president and CEO of Chinese Cooper Aerobics Center, Zhu Weimo, our distinguished alumni Professor, Tenured professor and academician of Illinois University, the legend figure in the field of business and scientific science and fitness life, Dr. Tuomo Rankinen from the Louisiana Pennington biomedical research center in, academic advisors and students from Beijing Sport University and East China Normal University participated in this academic forum. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Chu Zhidong, Dean of the school of sports science of Nanjing Normal University.

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Chu Zhidong warmly welcomed all the leading experts and delegates who have come to this academic conference on behalf of the college, and briefly introduced the theme of the conference.

Then, a speech was made respectively by Cooper Jr., chairman of Cooper Aerobics Center, USA and Chinese Cooper Aerobic Center representative Zhu Weizhong. Cooper Jr. said, he felt very happy that his father led the Cooper team to the campus of Nanjing Normal University for the second time. And he talked about the importance of aerobic exercise to the child's personal and emotional development by referring to his own growth experience.

Zhu agreed with Cooper on his views and emphasized that Cooper's life view will bring a healthy and bright future for Chinese children. At the same time, He fully affirmed that physical activity plays a fundamental role in people's physical health and intellectual development, and offered a good vision: ‘Chinese children play football well; strengthen their body; find ways to Peking University, Tsinghua university; strive to Cambridge or Harvard

Next started academic reports on aerobic exercise and physical health of adolescents; Dr. Kenneth h. Cooper, father of American aerobic exercise; Dr. Tuomo Rankinen from biomedical research center in Pennington, Louisiana; Sally Edwards, the legend in the field of American business and scientific exercise and healthy gave theme report on the conference.

Dr. Cooper discussed the topic on "childhood obesity and diabetes” and “international epidemic diseases”. In the report, Dr. Cooper used accurate data to analyze and reveal the worrying phenomenon of children's obesity and its development to adult diabetes, adopting demonstration method of Stanford achievement test to analyze early childhood obesity and its bad effect on intelligence, the importance of sports on children's academic achievement and intellectual development. In educating the children, the nation, society and family should pay attention to the child's physical education.

After Dr. Cooper's wonderful academic report,Cooper Aerobics Center and College of Sports Science, Nanjing Normal University signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Deputy party secretary of the university, Wang Jian and Dr. Kenneth h. Cooper signed the agreement.

After the ceremony,Leaders, experts, representatives of teachers, and graduate students took group photos to commemorate the conference.

Then, Dr Tuomo Rankinen made a second academic report on the theme "Genetics, Physical Activity and Fitness of Children". He stressed in the report that while getting older people's physical activity decreases,and the motor response ability goes down as well. Therefore, the critical period of child development must be grasped,Training young children to love exercise,and exercise regularly.

In three academic reports,Sally Edwards interpreted the "Heart Zone: Smart PE.”. Her witty and humorous speech style infected the whole room and inspired the atmosphere of the hall. Twenty students were invited to participate to experience the change of center rate of aerobic exercise. She further pointed out that different intensities of motion have different effects on the body, which plays an irreplaceable role in physical health。

Cooper Aerobics Research Center and our school signed the strategic cooperation agreement, which is of great practical significance for our school to undertake the physical health monitoring of students in Jiangsu province. At the same time, The meeting was successfully held in our school, which will also strive to advance our sports discipline in the international background, give a positive and effective response to our school’s construction goal of "double - class".(Weiyan, Lu; Weipin, Zheng)