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Jianan Wang shines in men's long jump final at Rio Olympics

NNU student-athlete Jianan Wang finished fifth with a 8.17m jump in the second round in men' s long jump final at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games on Sunday.


Following are the results of men' s long jump final at the Rio Olympic Games here on Saturday:

1. Jeff Henderson, United States, 8.38

2. Luvo Manyonga, South Africa, 8.37

3. Greg Rutherford, Britain, 8.29

4. Jarrion Lawson, United States, 8.25

5. Jianan Wang, China, 8.17

6. Emiliano Lasa, Uruguay, 8.10

7. Henry Frayne, Australia, 8.06

8. Kafetien Gomis, France, 8.05

9. Rushwal Samaal, South Africa, 7.97

10. Fabrice Lapierre, Australia, 7.87                                                  


During the men's long jump qualification, Jianan Wang qualified in first with jump measuring 8.24m.

“I know my first two attempts were not good,” Jianan Wang said after the final. “I didn’t perform to my best .”

19-year-old Jianan Wang is the youngest athlete among those who making the final.

“I will train harder to get better results in future international competitions,” Jiannan Wang said.