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Academic Events

Join hands to fight for the "epidemic" | The 2018 undergraduate class of our college launched the "cloud class meeting" with the theme of epidemic prevention and control

To implement the school's deployment on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and consolidate the responsibilities of the epidemic prevention and control work,our college actively carried out the "cloud class meeting" of the 2018 undergraduate class on February 27 . The meeting was hosted by Mr. Yang Kai, 2018 undergraduate tutor.All 2018 undergraduate students participated in the meeting.

Mr. Yangexpressed his deep regards and care to all the 2018 undergraduates and expressed hisbest wishes to the medical staff and volunteers who fought on the front line. Subsequently, Mr. Yang hold the meeting by focusing on how to follow school policies, and how to conduct life education, patriotic education and family education during this special period. Finally, to further prevent the potential psychological crisis of students due to the impact of the epidemic, Mr. Yang and the students exchanged opinions through online discussions