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Academic Events

NNU Leaders Meet Wang Jianan, the 3rd Place Winner in Beijing 2015 IAAF World Championships in Athletics

On the afternoon of Dec. 12th, Professor Minqiang Hu, President of Nanjing Normal University (NNU) and Professor Jian Wang, Deputy Secretary of CPC NNU Committee, met with Jianan Wang, a student of NNU who won the Third Place of men’s long jump in 2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

President Hu reviewed the splendid moment when Wang won the third place in the game and extended congratulations and warm welcome to Wang’s achievements. As an undergraduate in the School of Sports Science, Jianan Wang performed excellently in 2015 Beijing World Championships in Athletics and became the first Asian athlete ranking among the world’s top three in men’s long jump, winning honors for NNU as well as the entire nation.

President Hu also showed concern for Wang’s physical conditions and other situation about study, training and competition. He noted that NNU,as a renowned university with strong comprehensive strength, would spare no effort to take care of Wang’s study and daily life in the university by strengthening logistic supports and tailored academic helps, which was for the purpose of supporting his progress in sports. At the same time, Mr. President encouraged Wang to strive for further improvemrnt in next year’s Olympic Games, continuously bringing glory to NNU and China in international arena.

Jianan Wang expressed sincere gratitude to NNU leaders and teachers for their thoughtful care and help. “I’m proud to be a student of Nanjing Normal University,” said Wang, “I’ll adhere to the university motto and tradition, double my efforts and repay my university and country with excellent academic and sports achievements.”

Jianan Wang, born in 1996 and enrolled into NNU in 2014, is the national and Asian record-holder in men’s long jump. He was first trained for decathlon but then changed for long jump out of his inherent long jumping talent. He is the champion in 2012 National Championships in Athletics, 2013 Asia Championships in Athletics and 2014 World Youth Championships in Athletics. And in this year’s world championships, Wang made a breakthrough in jumping into the world top three with good psychological qualities and extraordinary performance, achieving a personal best in Asian history. In the next three years, Wang will compete as a living “name card” for NNU in international games.