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Academic Events

Our College Launches Publicity Work on Undergraduate Enrollment in 2020 of NNU

The source of high-quality students is the basis of the quality of the school's personnel training, and enrollment publicity is an important measure to attract candidates to apply for the university. With the 2020 national college entrance examination scores have been released and the full implementation of the voluntary reporting work, the undergraduate enrollment publicity work of Nanjing Normal University in 2020 officially kicked off. In response to the reform of the college entrance examination and to ensure the quality of this year's students, from July 25 to 27, under the leadership of Xu Feng, secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Chu Zhidong, president of the College, a working group of the College went to Changzhou to launch enrollment publicity work based on strictly implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, adjusting the propaganda strategy of undergraduate enrollment promptly, innovating the propaganda methods of recruitment, doing well the consulting service for examinees and parents, and actively publicizing the advantages of our university and the enrollment policy for providing guidance to the majority of candidates to fill in our university.

Admission publicity was under the sultry weather,  but our admission propagandists tirelessly, straight to the front line. With the concerted efforts of all, the enrollment activities were carried out in an orderly manner and achieved full success. The school spirit of "preciseness, simplicity, diligence, and dedication" was vividly interpreted, which is of considerable significance to expand our school's social influence further, improve the quality of students and enhance the comprehensive strength of running a school.