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Academic Events

Professor Tang Weidong was Invited to Participate in the Round-table Forum of “Strengthening the Foundation of the Law for a Strong Sports Country”

Recently, the Ministry of Sport of the People's Daily joined hands with Zhengfa University of China to create a round table forum series onstrengthening the foundation of the law for a strong sports country .

The fourth issue invited Jiao Hongchang, dean, professor and doctoral adviser of the Zhengfa University of China, Luo Jiasi,  professor and doctoral adviser of the Shenyang Sport University, Tang Weidong, professor and doctoral adviser of the Nanjing Normal University, probing together into the legal guarantee of national fitness.

Topic one: What are the main contents of national fitness laws and regulations?

Topic two: What are the areas that need to be strengthened and improved in the law for national fitness?

Topic three: Why dsquare dancing damas and teenagers frequently compete for places ?

Topic Four: Is it necessary for Cloud Fitness Cloud sports” to be regulated more serious?